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Boxing Books With Signed and Rare Les Darcy (17)

Boxing Books With Signed and Rare Les Darcy (17)

Treasure trove of boxing history and instruction. 1) "Dempsey In Nevada," 2007, by Guy Clifton. Signed. 2) The Prize Fight of the Century," 2004, by Robert Grenwood. 3) "Unforgivable Blackness," 2004, by Geoffrey C. Ward. 4) The Jack Dempsey Story," 1954, by Gene Schoor. 5) 'How To Manage A Boxer," 1929-1979, by Nat Fleischer. 6) "Come Out Fighting," 1977, by Chuck Burroughs. 7) "The Science Of Boxing," 1893, by Professor Mike Donovan. 8) "Famous Fights And Fighters," circa. 1920s, by Charles Platt. 9) "Forgotten Men of the Prize Ring, 1963, by Guy Turpin. Signed. 10)" Black Champion,"1964, by Finis Farr. (2) 11) The American Style and How It Is Learnt," circa. 1915, by "The Editor of Boxing." 12) "By George," 1995. Signed. 13) "Ring Strategy And Tactics,"circa. 1915, by "The Editor of Boxing. 14) 'The Life Story of Les Darcy (Three Editions)," circa. 1938. 15) 'The Louis Legend," 1956, by Nat Fleischer. 16) "Joe Louis," 1988, by Joe Louis Barrow,Jr. and Barbara Munder. Signed.

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