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Circa 1927 Mutoscope Featuring the Dempsey vs. Tunney "Long Count" Bout

Circa 1927 Mutoscope Featuring the Dempsey vs. Tunney "Long Count" Bout

Patented in 1894, the Mutoscope was an early motion picture device. Operating the machine required the viewer to deposit a coin and turn a hand crank. The images were not projected on a screen but, rather, were generated by rapidly flipping photos (like a "flip book") at a clip of about 850 per minute.For a stirring trip back in time, here we present a wonderful, fully operational 1920s Mutoscope which was originally stationed at Buckroe Beach Amusement Park, located on Chesapeake Bay, in what is now Hampton Beach, Virginia.The metal device, which measures 69" high and 15x16" at the base, is mostly maroon in color, except for the viewer, instruction/coin slot plate, and crank, which are painted gold. The instruction plate reads: "Push coin in slot and then turn crank to the right...International Mutoscope Reel Co., Inc., New York, U.S.A." (Note: a metal plate was added over the coin slot when the price was raised from one cent to five cents, probably in the 1930s).The hand-painted red/black/white/gold marquee displays a gorgeous photograph of Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney from the iconic 1927 "Long Count" bout and reads "Dempsey vs Tunney, 'Round 10,' Only 5 Cent." (Note: A "5" sticker was placed over the "One" when the price was raised).It takes only a nickel to activate the winding mechanism and view the historic bout, as well as both boxers dancing with beautiful young ladies, possibly from a movie. All of the photo cards are intact (although a few are loose), twenty cents in nickels have already been deposited, and a key to unlock the side panel and coin box are included. How cool would it be to add this actual working Mutoscope (which perpetually shows one of the greatest fights in boxing history) to your sports memorabilia collection?

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