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Circa 1927 Ty Cobb & Connie Mack from The Boston Collection (Type I)

Circa 1927 Ty Cobb & Connie Mack from The Boston Collection (Type I)

<p>Cobb went to Philadelphia via the gambling scandal and was suddenly the new face of the A's. Pictured with his new owner Connie Mack in 1927, the two are poised and appear to be enjoying each others company. Mack in his stately hat and overcoat and Cobb in new uniform. The leather A's jacket is simply remarkable and would most definitely be a treasure today. Measuring 6.5"x8.5", this Type I photo has been encapsulated and graded Authentic by PSA. Great contrast, beautiful condition, and wonderful subject matter. This is truly a great piece of Cobb and Philadelphia A's memorabilia.</p><p><span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Times New Roman';">Fine assemblage of fresh to the market Ty Cobb ephemera. Recently discovered in the Boston area, it includes some of the finer signed photographs we have seen in all our years and some beautiful Type I photographs as well. We believe this came from something of an industrial source and they were likely used for some publishing venture or perhaps even a card set which was never completed (more cards of this era were created in the New England area versus any other). These fine pieces will also seen in future Lelands auctions incuding a wonderful image of the classic Ty Cobb &ldquo;Sliding&rdquo; photograph by Charles Conlon.</span></p>

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