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Civil War Letter & Diary Collection

Civil War Letter & Diary Collection

Amazing collection of Civil Wart documents from James G. Cooper, a Union Army soldier from the Pittsburgh area. Written to his parents. There are a total of forty-nine letters here. The content of the letters spans the breadth of the War from 1861-1865. They are all military and historical in nature with such content as Abraham Lincoln's assassination, gritty battle detail including Rebels approaching with a flag of truce and then firing upon them, spying, Gettysburg, Copperheads, Grant defeating Lee, General Sherman, Picket, Mason-Dixon Line, and General Robert E. Lee's Surrender. An early train that went off the tracks and then crashed into his men. There is even one letter that includes a piece of Tennessee cotton that was included in the envelope with reference to it in the letter (this is analogous to what the War was fought for). Many have the original envelopes with original stamps and postmarks. One letter is even on red, white & blue "The Shield" stationery with American Stars and Bars emblem: "1776-1861." Most of the letters have been transcribed for easy research and enjoyment. Plus, there is a complete 1864 Civil War leather bound diary with compelling content, 1897 Encampment #1 Civil War Veteran's Legion receipt & figural metal membership badge, plus a small ad flyer, 1861 bank receipt & 1864 signed receipt. Overall excellent. This represents a complete documentation of the Civil War through the eyes of a man who fought it. It is an unparalleled piece of fascinating history.

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