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Collection of 1930’s Baseball Premiums and Photos

Collection of 1930’s Baseball Premiums and Photos

Notes: (21) 1936 National Chicle Fine Pens with Martin, Averill, Berg, Cuyler/Hartnett, Foxx/Simmons/Cochrane and more. (6) R311 Glossy Finish with Terry, Boston Red Sox (no sky), Dykes, Dean, Cochrane, 1935 Yankees. (7) R311 Leather Finish with 1935 Cubs, Foxx, Van Mungo, O’Neill, Harder, Hartnett, and Ferrell. (2) 1934 Goudey Premiums with American League and National League All-Star Teams. Finally there are (43) Butterfinger Premiums with Gehrig, Manush, Hafey, Averill, Simmons, Gehringer, Waner, Vance, Cronin, Grove, Foxx, Gomez, Dickey, Bottomley, Ruffing, Frisch, Hoyt, Ferrell, Hornsby, Harris and more. Also in this lot are large 11 x 16’’ wire photos of the 1946 Red Sox and 1946 Cardinals. <br><br>Condition: Fine pens are EX to NM. R311 Glossy Finish grade VG. R311 Leather Finish grade EX-MT. 1934 Goudey premiums have the easel backs intact but the name of each player is written neatly on the front in ink. Butterfingers range from Poor to VG.

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Collection of 1930’s Baseball Premiums and Photos