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Darryl Strawberry Outstanding Acheivements Award

Darryl Strawberry Outstanding Acheivements Award

Have you ever imagined what a pitcher's worst nightmare might look like? He'd probably be be a big guy, taking up lots of room in the batter's box, with a wide arching swing in the vein of Ted Williams, and an eagle eye that could follow any ball, no matter the speed or finesse with which it was thrown. In fact, this monster ball player would probably look a lot like Darryl Strawberry. With a career marked by 300+ Home Runs and over 1000 RBIs, it's no wonder that the New York Mets would award the player this item, Darryl Strawberry's own Outstanding Hitting Achievment award. Standing just under three feet high, this unique trophy features three Rawlings Adirondack bats, in Strawberry's personal model, crossed over each other and standing knob-up. Its wooden base is in the shape of Home Plate, and contains a small plaque that reads "Presented to Darryl Strawberry New York Mets For Outstanding Hitting Achievement" in black on a gold-colored background. This trophy certainly is an outstanding piece, and one whose look is worthy of being bestowed for such a high honor.

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