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Early 1900's "Fight For the Championship" Boxing Statue

Early 1900's "Fight For the Championship" Boxing Statue

Marvelous bronze wash on spelter statue of two period fighters of the early 1900s going at it in the ring. The more dynamic fighter who appears to be winning is wearing a championship sash belt that juts out in a big way. You would see such a belt being worn by anyone from John L. Sullivan to Jack Johnson. The fighters are set on a a floor that although metal is made to look like wood planks, as if they were in one of the illegal matches of the times. We can't make out the signature, but what's visible is signed "L Sui Romin", the piece is French and of high quality. The base is bowed in somewhat from the weight of the fighters, and there is a tiny hole near the foot of one fighter (about .1 inch) but is still overall excellent. 14"x6"x16".

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