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Ernie Lombardi Signed Baseball Collection (19)

Ernie Lombardi Signed Baseball Collection (19)

Impressive collection of ink was acquired by Lombardi and given direcly to our consignor's Grandfather. Ernie first presented the Oakland bar owner with a team signed baseball in 1931, his first year in the majors. In 1932 Ernie was back with another keepsake for his friend, and the tradition had begun. For each subsequent year of Ernie's career, he was there to enhance his pal's collection with an additional ink adorned sphere. A complete inventory of the prized souvenirs reads as follows: 1) Ernie Lombardi single signed baseball (sweet spot signature on an unidentified baseball); 2) 1931 Brooklyn Dodgers (ONL (Heydler) baseball w/ 27 sigs. Includes: Heilmann, Lombardi, Vance, and Lopez); 3) 1932 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Heydler) baseball w/ 24 sigs. All sigs. except Lombardi are clubhouse); 4) 1933 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Heydler) baseball w/ 25 sigs. Includes: Lombardi, Rixey, and Bottomley. Jolp, Hafey, and Quinn are clubhouse); 5) 1934 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Heydler) baseball w/ 22 sigs. Includes: Ernie Lombardi. Johnson, Richmond, Adams, Koenig, Kampouris, Benton, Bottomley, Comorosky, Fry, Klinehanes, Kolp, Slade, Schulmerich, Stout, Hafey, Manion, and Dressen are clubhouse); 6) 1935 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 25 sigs. Includes: Cuyler and Lombardi. Riggs is clubhouse); 7) 1936 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 20 sigs. Includes: Cuyley and Lombardi. Herman, Riggs, Dressen, and Sheehan are clubhouse); 8) 1937 Cicinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ Lombardi and Cuyler); 9) 1938 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ McKechnie and Lombardi. Vandermeer, Weaver, Walters, Goodman, and Richardson are clubhouse); 10) 1939 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 22 sigs. Includes: McKechnie, Lombardi, and Simmons); 11) 1940 Cincinnati Reds (Goldsmith "Official League" baseball w/ 17 sigs. Includes: McKechnie and Lombardi. Werber, Goodman, Joost, Thompson, McCormick, and Beggs are clubhouse); 12) 1941 Cincinnati Reds (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ Lombardi, L. Waner, and McKechnie. McCormick is clubhouse); 13) 1942 Boston Braves (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ Stengel, Waner, Lombardi, and Kelly); 14) 1943 New York Giants (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 21 sigs. Includes: Lombardi, Medwick, and Hubbell. Ott is clubhouse); 15) 1944 New York Giants (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 26 sigs. Includes: Lombardi and Medwick. Ott is clubhouse); 16) 1945 New York Giants (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 22 sigs. Includes: Ernie Lombardi. Ott is clubhouse.); 17) 1946 New York Giants w/ 27 sigs. Inlcudes: Mize, Ott, and Lombardi.); 18) 1947 New York Giants (ONL (Frick) baseball w/ 23 sigs. Includes: Lombardi and Mize. Ott is clubhouse); and 19) 1948 PCL Oakland Oaks (Spalding Official "League Leader" baseball w/ 26 sigs. Includes: Stengel and Lombardi). All but a few of the earlier balls have signatures rating 7-8 out of 10 or better. Balls show various degrees of toning and grade EX on average. LOA.

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