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Fantastic 1910s-70s Boxing Film Poster Collection (40+)

Fantastic 1910s-70s Boxing Film Poster Collection (40+)

Fine collection of (42) boxing film posters starting at 1910 all the way up to 1976. These were all obtained in a New England antiques auction many years ago. Almost all one sheet posters, measuring appx. 27x41" except for two which are noted. 1) 1910s: 1910 - Nelson vs. Wolgast (2, two different versions). 2) 1930s: 1935 Louis vs. Baer (restored), 1935 Louis vs. Carnera, 1935 Louis vs. Levinsky, 1937 Braddock vs. Louis, 1938 Louis vs. Schmeling (14x22"), 1938 Louis vs. Schmeling II, 1938 Joe Louis "Roar of the Crowd", 1939 Dempsey vs. Willard "The Birth of a Champion", 1939 Louis vs. Galento (14x22"). 3) 1940s: 1940 Louis vs. Godoy (restored on bottom), 1946 Louis vs. Conn II, (restored), 1946 Louis vs. Mauriello, 1947 Louis vs. Walcott I (2), 1948 Graziano vs. Zale III, 1948 Louis vs. Walcott II (2, one restored). 4) 1950s: 1951 Golden Gloves Across the Sea, 1951 Robinson vs. Turpin (2), 1951 Saddler vs. Pep, 1952 Marciano vs. Walcott I (minor restoration on bottom), 1953 Marciano vs. Walcott II, 1954 Marciano vs. Charles, 1955 Marciano vs. Cockell (2), 1955 Marciano vs. Moore (Marciano final bout), 1958 Patterson vs. R. Harris, 1958 Robinson vs. Basilio, 1959 Patterson vs. Johansson (2). 5) 1960s: 1960 Patterson vs. Johansson, 1962 Patterson vs. Liston, 1963 Liston vs. Patterson, 1965 Clay vs. Patterson I. 6) 1970s: 1971 Ali vs. Frazier I, 1971 Ali vs. Frazier I "The Fight of the Century", 1976 Ali vs. Norton III. Other: Joe Louis "The King of the Ring" Louis vs. Schmeling (yellow, undated). All in all the totals are Louis (15), Marciano (6), Ali (4), Patterson (6), Robinson (2), Nelson (2) and more.

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