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Fine Boxing Autographs (450)

Fine Boxing Autographs (450)

Thorough boxing autograph collection from a large midwest boxing collector/enthusiast. Filled with unique and interesting objects, highlights include Jack Dempsey vintage signed 8x10"; Gene Tunney gorgeous 8x10" signed in white hand-signed photo. Gene Tunney signed book "Arms for Living" w/dust jacket; Steve Belloise pen & ink (artist signed); Jade Doyle album page; Tony Galento signed special Joe Louis KO card; several signed 3x5"s w/Bob Arum, Beau Jack, Charles, Jack Sharkey; Patterson; DeMarco, LaMotta, Moore, Dempsey, Carter, Dundee, Gavilan, Basilio, Frazier, Fullmer, Schmelling, Ritchie and others; 1974 Teofilo Stevenson First Day Cover; Jack Dempsey signed postcard; Willie Pep signed advertising card; unusual Joe Louis signed snapshot (rough).Also tons of signed photos including Foreman, Pete Zivic, Moore, Schmeling (WWII), Pep, Zale, Soose, Holmes, Leonard, Don King; 1943 Max Baer signed 8x10" Hollywood still as "machine gunner" w/lengthy inscription (very creased).Other highlights include Jock McAvory signed pamphlet (nice!); Max Baer signed postcard; Frank E. Boyle signed cabinet photo to T.S. Andrews; 1951 Bobby Jones inscribed to Nat Fleischer; 1949 Lee Savold signed fight program (UK); Jimmy Wilde signed postcard and many more.Please allow for a few secretarial.

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1966 Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams Fight Poster
Dempsey and Firpo Lithograph by George Bellows (1923-24)
John C. Heenan Presentation "Heenan v Sayers" Scrimshaw Shell (1860)
1926 Tunney vs. Dempsey Fight Program.
1887 John L. Sullivan Lorillard Card
Joe Louis WWII Mini Poster (7x10”)
Muhammad Ali Memorabilia & Autograph Collection (15)
Muhammad Ali Signed Magazine and Photo Collection (9)