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Historic Original Mercury 7 Astronauts Signed Photograph To NFLer Fred Glick

Historic Original Mercury 7 Astronauts Signed Photograph To NFLer Fred Glick

<p>Unique and fresh to the market signed color photo of the Mercury 7 astronauts in flight gear. The photo was given to NFL/AFL player Fred Glick (1959-1966 Cardinals and Oilers) by Gus Grissom as a favor for getting Grissoms 2 sons to be ball boys for the Houston Oilers. The image is unusual as it shows the crew in their flight jackets as opposed to their astronaut gear. The photo has the inscription To Fred &amp; Marlene &amp; Family-Our very best regards to you and yours.....Your Mercury Astronauts in blue ink pen near the top border. The seven astronauts have signed the bottom matte: M. Scott Carpenter: Navy pilot (D. 2013); Leroy Cooper Jr.: Air Force pilot (D. 2004); John H. Glenn: Marine pilot and first American to orbit the Earth in 1962; Virgil "Gus" Grisson: Air Force pilot, Project Gemini and Apollo astronaut, and died in Apollo I pre-launch accident (D. 1967); Walter W. Schirra: Navy pilot; Alan B. Shepard: Navy pilot, first American to travel into space, and in 1971 walked on the moon (D. 1998); and Donald K. Slayton: Air Force pilot and first NASA Director of Flight Crew Operations. The matte has some water staining which affects the Glenn, Grissom, Shepard, and Slayton signatures.</p><p>The following is from Dave Glick, son of original owner Fred Glick</p><p>I talked to my Dad regarding the history of picture and how he came about acquired it.Thought you might be interested. Apparently, the trainer for NASA was going to help the Houston Oilers trainer(Bobby Brown) taping the players during the season and he introduced Dad to Gus Grissom. They became friends and Dad helped get Gus' two sons become ball boys for the Oilers. Gus actually was the one who got the picture for my Dad and then they all(Oilers/Astronauts) became fans of each other and would often go out for maybe a beer or two at drinking establishments in the Houston area that season. Never knew the particulars til this morning.Pretty cool . Take care.Dave Glick</p>

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