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Impressive Boxing Postcard Collection (61)

Impressive Boxing Postcard Collection (61)

From Salt of the Earth Collector. Best ones are: Rare Fitzsimmons adv. Phoenix horseshoes; Lew Tendler Steak House (4); Susan Ray Robinson Harlem Cafe; Scarce Jeffries RPPC by Weidner; pair of 1907 James Jeffries by Bonham; Billy Wells "Health & Strength"; "Giant Jess Willard real photo in robe; 1908 Boxing Carnival w/Jeffries ref; Chicago free outdoor & vaudeville with Sullivan - Kilrain; Jeffries - Berger in ring RPPC (won); Rare 1910 Johnson-Jeffries, real photo trickster "Can You Pick the Winner", the coming event, 1912 Back Joe Sweet Bath House RPPC (NS); Tommy Burds "American Champion" (short-lived); pair of Battling Nelson (greatest little fighter"...) RPPC; Battling Nelson "Happy Frame of Mind"; Joe Jeanette Beagle RPPC; Gene Tunney In Training "Won Title from Dempsey..." RPPC. Three Max Stein with two different Jess Willard & Frank Moran (nice!), and More. JACK DEMPSEY (26) Great Collection of the Manassa Mauler includes rare 1943 restaurant (Good luck to you), 1919 Willard-Dempsey "Ring side" RPPC, several more restaurant, Underwood & Underwood -ants? backed bowling at Leo Kossick's RPPC, etc. SIGNED: Tommy Loughran restaurant, by Tommy Loughran, & Inn Braddock's Corner, cafe and restaurant, by Jimmy Braddock.

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