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Interesting Boxing Letters (13)

Interesting Boxing Letters (13)

Great historical content from boxing legends in this baker‚s dozen of letters. 1) Max Baer on photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", rounded corners, pic of Baer on front with handwritten and signed note to Lou Jackson. 2) Dave Margolis handwritten in blue ballpoint on Beverly Hillcrest Hotel stationery measuring 7.25x10.5". 3) Ken Norton typewritten 8.5x11" letter to "CHAMPION" Joe Louis, on Ken Norton stationery, signed in green ink, dated November 9, 1978. 4) Nat Fein typewritten letter with boxer Johnny Hauck on The Ring stationery, signed, mailing folds. 5-6) Jimmy McLarrin handwritten notes on 8.5x11" onion skin paper, mailing folds, great condition. 7) Buddy Baer typewritten note to Bill Pettite noting that he can‚t attend a "Golden Days of Boxing" tribute dinner due to his heart problems, signed in blue ballpoint ink. 8) Handwritten letter in blue ballpoint ink by Billy Graham dated November 13, 1983, on 8.5x5.5" piece of torn notebook paper. 9-10) William Delaney and John Donaldson endorsement letters on 7.5x10" note paper, letters are written in black fountain ink by another hand, signed by the respective boxers. 11-12) Two 1973 typewritten letters, both signed in blue ballpoint ink by Jack Sharkey regarding personal appearances. 13) Handrwritten note from Harry Arroyo.

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