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John F. Kennedy Assasination Collection (15)

John F. Kennedy Assasination Collection (15)

<font color="red">Erratum: The reserve on this lot has been updated, as it was incorrectly listed in the catalogs</font><br>An incredible collection of artifacts pertaining to the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, including: a Warren Commission Letter signed by Gerald Ford; JFK Autopsy Report signed by Gerald Ford; Warren Commission Report signed by Gerald Ford; Mrs. Kennedy Incident Report signed by Gerald Ford; Lee Harvey Oswald High School Yearbook; a pair of Jack Ruby’s pants with an LOA from his brother; Jack Ruby signed legal document; original JFK assasination newspaper archive; a JFK White House fountain pen; an incident/bio report on the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald, signed by the four participating detectives; and finally an archive of pieces belonging to Dallas Detective Henry Moore, worn by him during the days which followed John F. Kennedy's assasination, including a copy of the Oswald Assasination Report, his wristwatch, his boots, a fedora, and his iconic white stetson, issued to Dallas Detectives to distinguish them from the throngs of people in and around Dallas Police Headquarters that fateful weekend.

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