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Josephine Bonaparte Manuscript Letter

Josephine Bonaparte Manuscript Letter

Extremely rare manuscript letter on vellum signed Lapagerie Bonaparte on October 22, 1798. Of most signifigance, is the four-line interpolation in the upper right in Josephine's pen. Full-page letter is written to the Administrators of Lands on behalf of J.B. Venard who seeks a position as forester in the Department of the Loire. Mentioned is the Citizen Barras member of the Executive Directory, Paris and important in the political history of the Bonapartes. At this time, Josephine is of course married to Napoleon who is at the pinnacle of his military career. The letter measures 6.5x8" and is EX-MT and the autograph is NRMT. Accompanying the autograph is a photogravure plate for display. Letters or documents signed by Viscountess then Empress Josephine are very difficult to find. This is a pristine example and important not just to France but to the history of the World. The Dr. Alvin Wiener Napoleon an World History Autograph Collection Dr. Alvin Wiener died at the age of 75 in November of 2003. 500 People attended his Funeral to pay their respects and love and mourn his passing. We were amongst them. Dr. Weiner was a kind and generous man with a huge heart and a big voice. A highly respected OB -GYN, many of the 500 were brought into the world by him including me. Alvin was our life-long friend, and his youthful and beautiful wife Norma has been best friends with our mother (Joshua & Andrea) since they were sweet little girls in Brooklyn. Alvin was a historian and a life-long ardent collector of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Napoleanic Wars in addition to European Autographs of the monarchs and military from the 18th and 19th Century. We have a large, expansive quality collection, several of the better pieces are in this auction but the majority is to follow in the next. We will miss him. Love, Joshua & Andrea

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