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Original Napoleon Portrait by Charles de Chatillon

Original Napoleon Portrait by Charles de Chatillon

Charles de Chatillon, a mini-portraitist of the highest order, used India ink to draw this magnificent reduction copy of the famed larger Napoleon Bonaparte portrait by David (now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.). This is an ORIGINAL work, however, requiring Chatillon's distinctive talents. He signed at the bottom right (9.5/10) and his acknowledgment of David is on the left. The 6 x 8" sepia hued work (EX), probably done in the early 1800s, was obtained from the palace of Lucien Bonpaparte at Canino and later bought by a Mr. Joseph Coolidge in the 1800s. Read all about it in the accompanying printed museum caption along with a handwritten note and a receipt and correspondence from Goodspeed's Book Shop. This should be recognized as a museum quality piece and should not be lost among our many objects of popular culture.

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