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Lelands Back Issue Catalogues (1000)

Lelands Back Issue Catalogues (1000)

Great collection of 1000 mint condition sports and non-sports auction catalogues from Auctions. Spanning the past ten years it includes some of the most historic sales in the business: The Charlie Sheen Auction, sale of the first Heisman Trophy, Mookie-Buckner 1986 World Series "Mookie Ball", the first all-hockey auction catalogue, the Lou Gehrig Estate and many more great collections and pieces. All are full color and range from 100-300 pages in length. Quality is of the material inside and the catalogues themselves is top notch (best in the business!). They are the best reference tools and will come with an example of prices realized for each to help you market these. Includes base-ball, hockey, football, boxing, Olympics, tennis, golf, and all other sports. Plus, popular culture with rock 'n roll, film, autographs, entertainment and more. Breakdown will be fairly even; there are about ten different catalogues with approximately 100 of each.

Past Sports Card, Memorabilia, Non-Sports Card and Collecitble Auction Items

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Lelands Back Issue Catalogues (1000)
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