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Mantle, Bauer and Woodling A Day Before the World Series (1952)
Mickey Mantle and the 1958 All Star Game
Yankee Stadium in the Mantle-Maris Era (1964)
When Three Were One (1955)
#59 for Roger Maris (1961)
Roger Maris hits #60 (1961)
The Roger Maris Collection (11 photos)
Yankee All Stars (1960)
The Bobby Richardson File (28 photos)
Mickey Mantle & Ty Cobb
Mantle & Stengel
Mickey Mantle Swing
Mantle & DiMaggio (2)
Roger Maris 60th & 61st Home Runs (4)
Two Mickey Mantle Photographs from “Facade Boy”
1960's Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris Dexter Press Color Photos (2)
1962 Mickey Mantle by Lou Toman
1950 Mickey Mantle at Joplin
Mickey Mantle & Rogers Hornsby
Mickey Mantle’s Facade Home Run (1956)
Mickey Mantle’s First Day
Mickey Mantle in Yankee Stadium
Mickey Mantle (1961)
1961 New York Yankees Roger Maris Record Breaking Home Run Newspapers with Autographs (2)
Maris and Nagashima Compare Notes (1962)
Group of Five Maris and Mantle Photos
Roger Maris in the Year of Our Lord 1961 (22)
Mickey Mantle Hits One Out of Briggs Stadium (1956)
Mickey Mantle Silver Bat Presentation (1956)
Roger Maris Promising Rookie (1957)
Big Guns Before 1956 World Series
Eddie Mathews and Mickey Mantle in 1958 World Series