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Personal Record Scripts & Records
Important Howdy Doody Music Manuscripts
The Roger Muir Collection
Buffalo Bob Handwritten It’s Howdy Doody Time! Manuscript
Complete Set of 12 Welch’s Glasses signed by Buffalo Bob
Seltzer Bottle Autographed By Buffalo Bob and Lew “Clarabell” Anderson
Smithsonian & Boston Appearance Posters
Buffalo Bob Autographed Memorabilia
Howdy Doody Personal Appearance Banner & Sign (2)
1955 Howdy Doody Toy Fair Bag
Clarabell’s Horn
Six Howdy Hats In Rare Original Box
Scarce 1950s Howdy Doody Collectibles
Hop, Skip And Jump Marionettes (3)
“Spare Doody” 1950s The Howdy Doody Show Marionette
Paddle The Gnu Marionette
Pair of Howdy Doody Cowboy Boots
Captain Windy Scuttlebutt Marionette
Newscaster Marionette from the Canadian Show
Sandra Witch Marionette
Hyde & Zeke Bear Marionettes
The Rose Collection Howdy Doody Marionettes & Such
“Canadian Howdy” Original Marionette
Canadian Flub-A-Dub Marionette
Two Rare 1950s Howdy Toys
Howdy Doody Plaster Hand Molds (9)
Vintage Howdy Doody Costumes & Props
Original Howdy Doody Costumes
Original Howdy Doody TV Show Backdrops (4)
Tommy Turtle Marionette
Howdy Doody’s Bicycle
Don Jose Bluster Marionette
Two Mambo The Dancing Elephant Marionettes
The Storage Drum That Saved Howdy Doody’s Life
Petey Bluster Marionette
Indian Princess Marionette
Inspector John J Fadoozle Marionette
Heidi Doody Marionette
Buzz Beaver Marionette.
Penelope Bluster Marionette
Original Velma Dawson NBC Contract To Make Howdy Doody
Original Velma Dawson Front View Drawing of Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody Plastic Phono-Doodle with Rare Original Box
Original Milt Neil Howdy Doody Storyboards
Three Milt Neil Paintings
Milt Neil Howdy Doody Collection
Amazing Howdy Doody Premiums
Howdy Doody Premium Lot
1949 Howdy Doody #1 Comic Book
1980 "Howdy Doody" Smithsonian Poster
Huge Howdy Doody Toy Collection
California Carrots Howdy Doody Cigarette Lighter
Replica 1955 Howdy Doody Merchandising Catalogs (148)
Important Howdy Doody Marionette
The Definitive Howdy Doody Shirt
1950s Howdy Doody Original Art
Howdy Doody Ice Cream Advertising Poster’
Milt Neil Howdy Doody Head used on Television
Ed Kean Collection
Four Howdy Doody “Halo Shampoo” Cardboard Advertising Signs
Howdy Doody Charm Bracelet
1950s Howdy Doody Puriton Cookie Jar
Eight 1952-53 Welch’s Howdy Doody Glasses
Set of Howdy Doody Moving Mouth Puppets
Two Howdy Doody Marionettes
1949 Howdy Doody Peabody Award Certificate
Two #1 Limited Edition Catalogs Autographed by Buffalo Bob
Howdy Doody Puppets Storage Trunks (4)
Phineas T. Bluster Marionette.
Dilly Dally Marionette from the Canadian Howdy Doody Show
Flub-A-Dub, Jr. Marionette
Grandpa Doody Marionette
Howdy Doody Premium Animated Puppet
Original Howdy Doody Design by Milt Neil (13)
Miscellaneous From The Rose Collection
Original Initial Velma Dawson NBC Contract to make Howdy Doody
Original Initial Velma Dawson NBC Contract to make Howdy Doody
Dilly Dally Marionette
Buffalo Bob Smith SIGNED Limited Edition 1955 Howdy Doody Merchandise Catalogues (Quantity of 81).
The Original Flub-A-Dub Marionette
Howdy Doody “Doodyville” Premium Kit in Mailer
Howdy Doody Car Parade Emblem Collection (42)