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Black Panther #1 CGC 9.8
Green Lantern #1 & First Silver Age Atom (2)
Showcase #22- First Silver Age Green Lantern
1967 Colonel Sanders Personally Worn & Owned Suit
Near-Complete Set of Presidential Autographs feat. Washington, Lincoln & Jefferson - 36/45 (PSA)
Historical Figures Autograph Collection - Edison, Hancock, Twain (All 7 PSA)
George H. W. Bush Signed Leather Pilot's Jacket
Mary Todd Lincoln Signature (PSA/DNA 8)
1788 Edward Rutledge Double-Signed Document - Youngest Declaration of Independence Signer
1948 James Dean Twice-Signed High School Yearbook (PSA)
Civil War Letters & Covers & More (50+)
1940s-50s Hollywood Stars Signed Photograph Collection (30+)
1963 President John F. Kennedy "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" Zippo Lighter
Hollywood & Important Figures Autograph Collection (35+)
First Printing 1966 Hells Angels Poster by Gut w/Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin & Ken Kesey (CGC Graded 9.4 NM)
The Solowinski Archive: Photographs & Fashion from Richard Avedon Associate (10,000+ pieces)
1891 Abraham Lincoln Cabinet Card by M.P. Rice
General Ulysses S. Grant Civil War "Signed" Carte de Visite
1930s Mickey Mouse Baseball Bisques in Original Box
Two Dr. Seuss Signed Books (PSA)
Frank Sinatra Signed Photo (PSA)
1954 Playboy Magazine #2 - The Toughest of All
Playboy #1 with Marilyn Monroe Cover
1960s Sporting News Original Art by Ray Gotto (6)
Classic 1970s Film Posters (9)
Pop Culture Icons Autograph Collection w/Presidential (25+)
1930s Daisy & Violet Hilton "Siamese Twins" Vaudeville Poster
1957 "Godzilla" Movie Poster
1937 FDR "Sino-Japanese War" Signed Photo & Letter (PSA)
Important 1980 Presidential Art Portfolio
1960s "Castro Camera" Sign from Harvey Milk's Camera Store
The Beatles High School Yearbook
Willy Wonka "Golden Ticket" Signed by Gene Wilder - PSA/DNA MINT 9
2011 Prince William & Catherine Middleton Slice of Wedding Cake.
1908 Teddy Roosevelt Letter to Governor of Cuba During the Occupation (PSA)
Entertainment & Pop Culture Autograph, Card and Photograph Collection (125+)
1960s Woody Guthrie Folk Art Carving
Bob Dylan Signed "The Nobel Lecture" LE/100
The Avengers #57 Featuring the 1st Appearance of Vision (CGC 8.0)
1960s Beatles U.S. Tour Collection (4)
Rock 'n' Roll Roadie Autograph Collection (30)
Rare 1920s Dental Model by Vecabe
1970s Kamandi High Grade Run by Jack Kirby (56)
1961 Alfred Hitchcock Signed Book with Caricature Sketch
1863 Abraham Lincoln Signed Civil War Appointment Document (PSA)
1807 Thomas Jefferson Signed Land Grant Document (PSA)
"Schroeder Playing Piano" Sketch by Charles Schultz (PSA)
Amelia Earhart Signed Photograph Display
Sid Vicious Personally Worn Padlock Chain w/Documentation
19th & Early 20th Century Toys from Prominent American Family
Beautiful Abraham Lincoln Signature
1913 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Bank Check (PSA MINT 9)
(1778-1860) Artist Rembrandt Peale Handwritten Letter w/George Washington Content (PSA)
1959 New Indian Beer Advertising Life-Sized Poster
Passenger Manifest for Air Force One Flight of JFK Assassination Return & LBJ Swearing In
1880s "Village of Brooklyn" Handpainted Fire Truck Gate
1950 Milton Caniff LIFE Magazine Conceptual Cover Art
1984 Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA "MAIN" Stage Used Acoustic Guitar
1940s Rittgers Statues (10)
1945 Frank Sinatra Signed Contracts for Radio Show (PSA)
Old Man & The Sea Signed by Ernest Hemingway (PSA)
1949-1957 Lone Ranger Silver Bullets from TV Show
Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Platinum Record
In-Person Entertainment Autograph Collection from NYC Autograph Seeker (225+)
Incredible Collection of In-Person Signed Polaroids (175+)
Pop Culture & Entertainment Icons Yearbook Collection (30+)
1957 The Adventures of Superman Original Script for "Money To Burn" Episode
"Uncle Tomcat's House of Kittens" Framed Poster
1963 Introducing the Beatles Vee Jay Records 1st Pressing Vinyl LP
1977-80 Saturday Night Live Scripts Bound Volume
Frank Sinatra Presentation Gold Money Clip
1930s Prince "Nipple End" Prophylactic Machine
1993 Batman by Shelby Moldoff Original Art including Robin & the Joker (2)
1998 Batman Original Art
1964-1971 Psychedelic Reviews by Timothy Leary (6)
Frank Sinatra-Related Jackets, Lighters, and Cap (10 Pieces)
John F. Kennedy Signed Photograph to Floyd Patterson (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Half-Speed Master Signed Album (PSA)
Hollywood and Pop Culture Autograph Collection (220+)
Massive Pop Culture & Entertainment Autograph Collection (2,750+)
Massive "Natural Muscle" Weightlifting Magazine Archive (64)
1961 Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn Signed RMS Queen Mary Program
1930s Joan Crawford Personally Owned Books with Notes from an Unknown "Lover"
Swatch of the Limousine from John F. Kennedy's Assassination (University Archives LOA)
1929 "A Farewell to Arms" Inscribed by Ernest Hemingway
1960s Vietnam War USMC Shirt with Anti War Pins
Batman, Robin, Tarzan, Dick Tracy Aurora Model Kits (4)
1966 Beatles Disk-Go-Case (Store Stock)
Extensive Political & Unusual Pin Collection (25)
Andy Warhol Signed Campbell's Soup Box
1840's Henry Clay Photograph in Original Frame
Early 1940's Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey Band "Godfather" Signed Album Page (PSA)
1940-1947 Esquire Calendars by Vargas (7)
1930s "Camels Give Me A Lift" Counter Sign by Rolf Armstrong
Hoard of 1964 Lyndon B. Johnson USA Presidential Flasher Buttons (3,100)
Classic 1960 JFK-Nixon Debate Behind-The-Scenes Photographs & Original Teletype (9)
Hoard of 1964 Johnson and Humphrey Campaign Flasher Buttons (4,500)
1973 "Lost in the Flood" Original Handwritten Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen
1885 Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain First Edition
1967-68 Rolling Stone Magazine Bound Volume - First 15 Issues with Issue #1 (Lennon)
Gorgeous Playboy #1 with Marilyn Monroe Cover and Centerfold
1882 Frank and Jesse James, Wild Bill, Younger's Handbill
Virgil "Gus" Grissom Signed Photo with NASA LOA (PSA)
1977 Pink Floyd "Animals Tour" Baseball Jacket
1949-50 "Muscle Beach" Body Building Photos from Ray Ford (44)
Bill and Hillary Clinton Signed Polaroids (PSA 9)
Early Body Building Magazine Archive (appx 500)
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Deluxe Signed Edition Book & CD
J. Geils Trademark Leather Jacket & Hat from Estate
The In-Person Autograph Collection of Steve K (420+)
Political & Presidential Campaign Poster Collection (15)
Massive Presidential & Political Campaign Collection 1890's-1980's (300+)
Amazing Signed Sheet Music Collection (250+)
1988 Doc Savage #8 Original Art
Historic Original Mercury 7 Astronauts Signed Photograph To NFLer Fred Glick
Early 1970's Lennon-Ono Gallery Original "American Genocide" Poster
"If You Need Someone Whacked, Give Me a Call" Handwritten Letters by Whitey Bulger
Wonderful Childhood 1930's Radio Premium Collection (140)
1952-54 Lone Ranger Television Scripts (25+)
1950s Complete & Partial Cereal Boxes (15+)
Turn Of The Century Hand Carved Carousel Figural Plaque
1941 Three Stooges In Person Signed Personal Appearance Page (PSA 9)
Little Richard "Comes On" To Autograph Seeker (PSA 9)
Anna Nicole Smith Signed Album Page (PSA 7)
Accordion Owned and Played by John Lennon - EXACT Photo Proof!
1977 John Lennon Signed Christmas Card with Multiple Sketches (PSA)
1972 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Signatures with Hand Drawn Sketches (PSA)
John Lennon Signature with Hand Drawn Sketches (PSA MINT 9)
1980 Cartier Silver "Christmas Gift" Jewelry Box Gifted by John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Family LOA)
Paul Newman Signature Obtained In Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA NM-MT 8)
Charlie Chaplin Signature Obtained In Person by NY Autograph Hound (PSA MINT 9)
Stan Laurel Signed Photograph Obtained In Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Natalie Wood Signature Obtained In Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA NM-MT 8)
Bud Abbott Signature Obtained In Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA MINT 9)
John Lennon's Last Christmas Card to Lennon's Doctor
Star Trek Klingon and Alien Nation Masks (2)
Massive Signed & Unsigned Book Collection (162)
Political Autograph & Memorabilia Collection with JFK (32)
Jon Erik Hexum Signed Photograph - Obtained In-Person (PSA)
Fay Wray Signed King Kong Vintage Photograph (PSA)
1950 Susan Hayward Signed Movie Still - Obtained In-Person (PSA)
Pope John Paul II Signed Photograph (LOA)
Roger Moore Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Adam West Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Richard Burton Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Fred Astaire Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Jayne Mansfield Signature - Obtained in Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Vivian Leigh Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen Early Signature - Obtained In-Person by NYC Autograph Hound (PSA)
Peter Lawford Signed Photo
Johnny Roventini Worn "Philip Morris" Complete Suit
"Snoopy" Original Drawing on Canvas by Charles Schulz
WWI Uncle Sam Poster by James Montgomery Flagg
1977 Cracked Magazine Original Cover Art by John Severin
1950s High Diving Horse Broadside
1966 Batman "All Star Dairies" Store Display
1949 Country and Western Snapshot Photo Collection (100+)
Bruce Springsteen Harmonica Used in 2000 MSG Show
19th Century Museum Relics with Important Pieces
1977 Black Panther #1 CGC 9.8
1958 The Adventures of Superman Original Script for "Superman's Wife" Episode
The X Files - Mulder and Scully Screen Worn Coats (2)
Outstanding Presidential Signature Collection
Huge Bill Clinton Signed Official White House Photo
World War II Airborne Uniform and More
Store Stock Lone Ranger & Tonto Hartland Statues in Original Boxes (3)
1952-53 Lucy and Desi Signed Checks
George Harrison Guitar String with Letter from his Mom
1947 Lou Costello Signed "Diecut" Tribute Program w/Lengthy Cover Inscription
19th Century Budweiser Advertising Sign
1963 Drag Cartoons #1 CGC 9.6
Hollywood Icons & Important Figures Signed First Day Cover Collection (50+)
1966 Robert F. Kennedy Signature (PSA)
1969 Apollo 11 Complete Flight Crew Signatures - Signed Four Months After Historic Flight (JSA)
Circa 1930s Franklin Roosevelt Signed Photo (PSA)
2002 "Weed & Women" Original Cover Art
Franklin Roosevelt Signed Large Portrait (PSA)
World War II "Someone Talked" Propaganda Poster
1942 "This Gun For Hire" One-Sheet Movie Poster
Bobby Seale Defense Fund Poster
1880-1976 Silver Dollars: Morgan Liberty (16), Peace (8) and Eisenhower (3)
Early 1900s Hunting Girl Original Watercolor by F. Earl Christy
Circa 1890s Buffalo Bill Original "Stories of the Far West" Poster
Hank Williams Guitar Pick from Member of Drifting Cowboys
1902 Havelock Ellis Letter on Capital Punishment
1867 The Washington Family Print by Currier and Ives
1980s Clayton Moore Handwritten Speech for Jay Silverheels Testimonial
Willy Wonka "Golden Ticket" Signed by Gene Wilder (PSA GEM MT 10)
Marilyn Monroe and Others Signed "The Prince and the Showgirl" Program
Russian Cosmonauts Signed Envelope - Gagarin, Titov & Komarov (PSA)
Stevie Ray Vaughan Large Signature and Photograph Display (PSA)
Hollywood Icons Autograph Collection with Major Stars (45+)
Superb Grateful Dead Group-Signed Album Cover (PSA)
Hollywood Icons In-Person Signed Index Card Collection from NYC Autograph Hound (80)
Whitney Houston Owned and Worn Outfit from 2007 Bankruptcy Auction (LOA)
1939 Miss America Signed Advertising Poster
1966 A&BC Batman "Picture Card Album" with Complete Set (66)
Buzz Aldrin, "Mission to Mars" Signed Copies (5)
Laurel & Hardy Signed Oversized Photograph (PSA)
Mr. Rogers Hand Drawn & Signed Musical Score (PSA 10)
1945 Pair of Post-War Autograph Books (72 signatures)
Jackie Gleason Signed Real Photo Postcard
1952 Lone Ranger Original Scripts (5)
2011 Whitey Bulger Letter from Prison (PSA)
Presidential Jacket Given to George H.W Bush by Arnold Schwarzenegger - Outstanding Provenance
Three Stooges Signed Baseball (JSA) - Only One Known
1966 Beatles "Butcher" Cover w/COA
1942 Japanese Internment Camp Posters (2)
1950s John F. Kennedy Signed Photograph to Famed Journalist (PSA)
Neil Armstrong Signed Color Photograph - Not Personalized! (PSA)
1971 Jimmy Hoffa Mug Shot
1864 Abraham Lincoln Signed Military Commission (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA" Signed Record (JSA)
George H. W. Bush Signed Leather Pilot's Jacket
2000 Bruce Springsteen "Thunder Road" Harmonica
1928 Greta Garbo, "A Woman of Affairs" Movie Poster
1931 "Daybreak" Swedish Movie Poster Starring Ramon Navarro
1930 "Free and Easy" Starring Buster Keaton Swedish Film Poster
Hand Painted & Hand Crafted Dinning Room Set from Charlie Sheen
1978 Bruce Springsteen "Prove It All Night" Handwritten Lyrics
1883 Brooklyn Bridge Opening Museum Display
1939 Judy Garland Singing National Anthem Opening Day Cleveland Stadium by Louis Van Oeyen
Harvard University Graduation Complete Doctoral Robe
1941 "Pearl Harbor Attack" Honolulu Police Badges
Jack Webb Dragnet Prop Badge and Signed Sheet Music
1953 Donald Duck "Canvas Back Duck" One-Sheet
Hawaii Five-O 30th Anniversary Prop Badge
1990s Beavis & Butt-Head Original Sketches & More (40)
1950's Superman TV Show Advertising & Original Art (12)
1972 Beach Boys Concert Poster
Jayne Mansfield Signed 1965 Scene Theater Magazine (PSA)
1964 The Beatles Historic First Ed Sullivan Show Performance Wire Photo
1960s Playboy "Femlin" Original Drawing by LeRoy Neiman
1962 The Beatles Handbill
1975 Frankenstein & Wolfman Paint by Numbers Sets (2)
1970s Led Zeppelin Promotional Cocaine Mirror
1930s Captain & the Kids Parade Mask - Store Stock Condition
1930s Mickey Mouse Professional "Talking" Mask
1965 The Beatles Brand Hood Ice Cream Poster w/Provenance
1955 Playboy Magazine Bound Volume
1954 Playboy Magazine Bound Volume
Original Gumby "Downtown Diner" Set Used on the Show with 10 Original Characters
1950's Superman Collection w/ Mole Men & TV Show (16)
In-Person Hollywood & Entertainment Autograph Collection with Major Names (283)
Jean Harlow Signed Typed Letter (PSA)
Bing Crosby Signed "Bing Crosby Pro-Amateur" Jacket
1966 Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground Fillmore Poster (First Printing)
"Toward Indians' Pow-Wow" S. Juharos Oil on Canvas (58x42")
1963 Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger Signed Newport Folk Festival Program (PSA)
2012 Leaf Oval Office John Quincy Adams Cut Autograph 5/5 (Beckett)
Elvis Presley Personally Owned Pants Donated to Salvation Army by His Father (Vernon Presley LOA)
Paul McCartney In-Person Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
Controversial John F. Kennedy "Fling" Letter by Blaze Starr
1963 Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger Signed Newport Folk Festival Fan (PSA)
African-American Comic Collection with #1 Lobo - From the Collection of Activist Elizabeth Meaders (10)
Ted Kennedy Doodles & Sketches on United States Senate Letterhead
Incredible 19th Century "Freaks" Carte-de-Visites w/some Signed (45)
Janis Joplin Autograph (PSA)
The Beatles Signature Display (PSA)
In-Person Hollywood & Entertainment Autograph Collection with Major Names (283)
Jean Harlow Signed Typed Letter (PSA)
Bing Crosby Signed "Bing Crosby Pro-Amateur" Jacket
World War I US Navy Recruiting Poster
1966 Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground Fillmore Poster (First Printing)
"Toward Indians' Pow-Wow" S. Juharos Oil on Canvas (58x42")
1963 Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger Signed Newport Folk Festival Program (PSA)
2012 Leaf Oval Office John Quincy Adams Cut Autograph 5/5 (Beckett)
Elvis Presley Personally Owned Pants Donated to Salvation Army by His Father (Vernon Presley LOA)
1963 Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger Signed Newport Folk Festival Fan (PSA)
African-American Comic Collection with #1 Lobo - From the Collection of Activist Elizabeth Meaders (10)
1950s-80s Comic Collection with Classics Illustrated (34)
Ted Kennedy Doodles & Sketches on United States Senate Letterhead
Incredible 19th Century "Freaks" Carte-de-Visites w/some Signed (45)
Janis Joplin Autograph (PSA)
The Beatles Signature Display (PSA)
Paul McCartney In-Person Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
Controversial John F. Kennedy "Fling" Letter by Blaze Starr
"President Kennedy's Wounds" Hand Drawn Diagram by Dr. Robert McClelland
Ted Kennedy Doodles & Sketches on United States Senate Letterhead
Incredible 19th Century "Freaks" Carte-de-Visites w/some Signed (45)
Janis Joplin Autograph (PSA)
The Beatles Signature Display (PSA)
Incredible 19th Century "Freaks" Carte-de-Visites w/some Signed (45)
Ted Kennedy Doodles & Sketches on United States Senate Letterhead
Dutch Van Kirk Heavily Inscribed and Signed Enola Gay Bombing "Story" Photograph
Boris Karloff Signed Phtogoraph
Hollywood & Rock n' Roll Signed First Day Cover Collection (100)
10 Hollywood + Pop Culture Checks
Mint Jimmy Carter Single-Signed Baseball (PSA MINT 9)
Five Presidents Signed Books - Clinton, Carter, Ford
2012 Leaf Oval Office Franklin D. Roosevelt & Harry Truman Dual Cut Autograph 2/2 (Beckett)
2012 Leaf Oval Office Herbert Hoover Cut Autograph 4/5 (Beckett)
2012 Leaf Oval Office Gerald Ford & Betty Ford Dual Cut Autorgaph 2/5 (Beckett)
Roger Daltrey "The Who" Signed Photograph on Canavas (PSA)
Mike Love of the Beach Boys Signed Photo on Canvas (Beckett)
Jon Bon Jovi Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen In-Person Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
John Lennon Signature (Beckett)
George Harrison Signature (Beckett)
1966 Charter Member "Batman & Robin Society" Box with 24 Pins
Dutch Van Kirk Heavily Inscribed and Signed Enola Gay Bombing "Story" Photograph
Boris Karloff Signed Phtogoraph
Hollywood & Rock n' Roll Signed First Day Cover Collection (100)
10 Hollywood + Pop Culture Checks
Mint Jimmy Carter Single-Signed Baseball (PSA MINT 9)
Five Presidents Signed Books - Clinton, Carter, Ford
2012 Leaf Oval Office Franklin D. Roosevelt & Harry Truman Dual Cut Autograph 2/2 (Beckett)
2012 Leaf Oval Office Herbert Hoover Cut Autograph 4/5 (Beckett)
2012 Leaf Oval Office Gerald Ford & Betty Ford Dual Cut Autorgaph 2/5 (Beckett)
Roger Daltrey "The Who" Signed Photograph on Canavas (PSA)
Jon Bon Jovi Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen In-Person Signed Photo on Canvas (PSA)
John Lennon Signature (Beckett)
George Harrison Signature (Beckett)
1966 Charter Member "Batman & Robin Society" Box with 24 Pins
Superb Collection of Radio, TV and Movie Personalities Including Many Classic Actors (100+)
1970s-1980s Old Time TV & Radio Personalities Signed Photos (60)
Ronald Reagan Presidential Key Chain & Tie Pin
Ronald & Nancy Reagan Signed White House Photographs (PSA)
Ronald Reagan Signed Photograph (PSA)
18th & 19th Century Historical Autographs with 1842 Daniel Webster Letter
1845 James Fenimore Cooper Signed Check Display
Circa 1890s Buffalo Bill Original "Stories of the Far West" Poster
Victoria Trade Card Walter A Wood Enclosed Gear Mower
1970s Bruce Springsteen Vintage Signed Photograph (PSA)
Mike Love Signed Photo Canvas (Beckett)
1970s Bruce Springsteen Vintage Signed Photograph (PSA)
Mike Love Signed Photo Canvas (Beckett)
Victoria Trade Card Walter A Wood Enclosed Gear Mower
Circa 1890s Buffalo Bill Original "Stories of the Far West" Poster
World War I US Navy Recruiting Poster
1959 Marilyn Monroe Calandar
1964 Beatles Color Photos Rack Pack
Complete Set of Marx US Presidents Figures in Boxes with Many Extras
(20) Cartoon Card Games in Original Boxes w/Green Hornet Playing Cards
First Day Covers Signed by Entertainers and More (114)
1954 Jerry T N Thompson Pin Up Girl Calendar
First Day Covers Signed by Entertainers and More (114)
1954 Jerry T N Thompson Pin Up Girl Calendar
World War I US Navy Recruiting Poster
First Day Covers Signed by Entertainers and More (114)
1954 Jerry T N Thompson Pin Up Girl Calendar
1959 Marilyn Monroe Calandar
1964 Beatles Color Photos Rack Pack
World War I US Navy Recruiting Poster
The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Photographs (4)
Original MASH Artwork By Murray Olderman
1978 Lou Grant Show Signed Dying Episode Script (PSA)
Neil Armstrong Signed Photograph - Rare Uninscribed Example (JSA)
1954 First Issue of Playboy Magazine
1953 Marilyn Monroe Signed Check While Married to Joe DiMaggio (PSA)
Circa 1943 Frank Sinatra Original Photograph Used for Publications and Sheet Music Covers (PSA Type I)
1916 Enrico Caruso Signed Hand Drawn Sketch (PSA)
1886 Joseph E. Johnston Signature with Photograph (PSA MINT 9)
Star Wars Multi-Signed Stormtrooper Helmet w/Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, & 22 others (Beckett LOA)
Mercury Seven Astronauts Autograph Collection (PSA)
Yuri Gagarin & Alexei Leonov Cosmonaut Autograph Collection (PSA)
Gary Cooper Paramount Pictures Key Fob
1984 Marvel Secret Wars #8 High Grade Collection w/CGC 9.8 (4) - First Venom as Alien Costume
Vary Rare 1979 Elton John "To Russia with Elton" Tour Jacket
1969-1974 D.C. Comics Action & Superman High-Grade Collection w/CGC (24)
1990-1995 Grateful Dead Backstage Pass Uncut Sheets (3)
1984 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Second Printing (Mirage Studios) CGC 9.2 Off-White to White Pages
1984-86 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2-4 First Print (Mirage Studios) CGC High Grade Trio
Circa 1950s Marilyn Monroe Atlantic Press Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
1954 Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio Honeymoon Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
Circa 1962 Marilyn Monroe 20th Century Fox Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
Circa 1948 Marilyn Monroe & Adele Jergens "Ladies of the Chorus" Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
Incredible Collection of Scarce Batman Autographs w/Original Artwork - All PSA (25)
The Very First Image of William Shatner as Captain Kirk Signed Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
High Grade Ronald Reagan Single-Signed Baseball (PSA)
1984 Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen Play "Beat It" Concert Full Ticket PSA VG 3
Vintage Political Photograph Collection w/Woodrow Wilson & Brown Brothers Images (46)
John F. Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Street Sign and 1963 Funeral Street Sign
Fred Rogers Signed "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" Theme Song Sketches (3)
Paul McCartney Signed "Abbey Road" Sketch (PSA & JSA)
1836 Andrew Jackson Signed United States Patent
Iconic Paul McCartney Original Photograph Used for 1990 World Tour (PSA Type I)
Signed 1984 Carl Barks "A 1934 Belchfire Runabout" Limited Edition Lithograph (230/345)
Signed 1984 Carl Barks "Till Death Do Us Part" Limited Edition Lithograph (222/495)
1986 Freddie Mercury "Queen" Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
1984 Eddie Van Halen "Eruption Solo" Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
1981 The Rolling Stones at Byrne Arena Original Photograph (PSA Type I)
Circa 1955 Marlon Brando Original Photograph by Sid Avery (PSA Type I)
1985 & 1986 Mirage Studios Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGC 9.6 Collection (4)
Gerald Ford & Jimmy Carter Single-Signed Baseballs (PSA)
1957 Martin Luther King Jr. Signed Inscribed "Best Wishes" Time Magazine Cover (JSA)
1991 Bob Dylan Double-Signed and Handwritten Customs Declaration Form - Dylan Enters the US for North American Leg of Never Ending World Tour (PSA GEM MINT 10 Auto)
1954 First Ever Issue of Playboy Magazine
Paul McCartney Signed Oversized Photograph on Canvas (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen Signed Oversized Photograph on Canvas w/Additional Drawing by Springsteen (PSA)
Mario Puzo & Francis Coppola 1989 The Godfather III Screen Play - Rare First Draft
1993 Nirvana Roseland Ballroom New York City Original Poster
Wonka's Golden Ticket Signed by Gene Wilder (PSA MINT 9 Signature)
Rare George Harrison Signed Record Album Cover (PSA)
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photograph
The Original Three Stooges Signed Display (PSA)
1869 Ulysses S. Grant Signed Document (PSA)
12/19/76 Sex Pistols Electric Circus Original Large Format Concert Poster
1912-1914 Ringling Brothers Signed Check Collection (PSA)
Bruce Springsteen Signed 1963 Babe Ruth League All-Star Tournament Program w/"Glory Days" Inscription (PSA)
Rare 1956 Walt Disney Signed Contract (PSA)
Michael Jackson Signed Photograph (JSA)
George McGovern Single-Signed Baseball (PSA)
Circa 1956 Jackie Gleason "Ralph Kramden" Doll
1968 Jim Morrison Full Name Signed Check PSA MINT 9
1965 Janis Joplin Five-Page Handwritten "I hope you know how much I love you..." Letter to Boyfriend Peter de Blanc (PSA)
U2 Signed "New Years Day" 45 RPM Record Sleeve (PSA)
1965 "The Beatles" Trademark Application Signed by Brian Epstein (PSA)
1949 Jimmy Stewart & Monty Stratton "The Stratton Story" Dual-Signed Baseball (PSA)
Grateful Dead Passes (2) & Full Ticket
1940s Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. Army Signals Corps Photo (PSA Type I)
Gerald Ford Signed 5x7" Photo with Facsimile Signature Sheet
John F. Kennedy 1961 Inaugural Street Sign and 1963 Funeral Street Sign
1888 "Improved Order of Red Men" Engraved Print
Nineteenth-Century Art Print Collection (3)
Alicia Keys and NSYNC Signed 8x10s (PSA)
Carrie Fisher Signed "Happy D-Day" Photograph (PSA)
Circa 1959 Early William Shatner Signed Photograph (PSA Type I)
Rare and Amazing Square Deal Teddy Roosevelt Cigar Box
Rare Pair of Nike Van Halen Sneakers - Both Signed by All Four (PSA)
Abraham Lincoln Carte de Visite
March 1991 Sting Signed Oversize Photo with V.I.P No Stage Access Promoter Pass World Tour (PSA)
Richard Nixon Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)
Roger Daltrey Signed "The Who" Oversize Photograph (PSA)
Barack Obama Signed Welcome Letter to Donald Trump (JSA)
John F. Kennedy Personally Used Golf Ball & Tee
Collection of Life Magazines w/Important Covers & Some High Grade (37)
Time Magazine Collection w/High Grade Examples, Historic Covers & First Issue (67)
First Issue of Time Magazine (March 3rd, 1923)
1993 Nirvana Roseland Ballroom New York City Original Poster
1984 Marvel Comics Secret Wars #1 High Grade Hoard (34)
Robert Blake "Mickey" Whoopee Cap from Our Gang
Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future" Signed Oversized Photo (Beckett)
Richard Nixon Signed Business Card (PSA)
1960s "The Hollies" Psychedelic Concert Poster by Dennis Abbe
Mishawaka Woolen MFG. Co. Advertising Shoe Crate
Jackie Chan Signed 'I am Jackie Chan' First Edition Book (PSA)
Roger Daltrey "The Who" Signed Oversized Photo on Canvas (PSA)
1962 John Glenn Signed First Day Cover (PSA)
Pete Townshend Signed Photograph (PSA)
Gerald Ford Signed Photograph (PSA)
Farrah Fawcett Signed Photograph (PSA)
Autograph Collection Including Sting (21)
1880-1960s Political Pin Collection (30) w/John F Kennedy
1984 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 Mini Hoard (15)
1986 Marvel X-Factor #1 Comic Book Hoard (22)
1992 Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man #362 Comic Book Hoard (20) Carnage & Venom Story
1988 Marvel Akira #1 Squarebound Comic Book Collection (7)
1980 Marvel Comics Moon Knight #1 CGC 8.5 (Origin of Moon Knight)
1964 The Beatles/August 12 A Hard Days Night Movie Stub
1990 Roger Waters The Wall-Potsdamer Platz July 21 Berlin Germany Full Ticket (PSA NM-MT 8)
1993 Nirvana Full Concert Ticket PSA NM-MT 8
1993 Nirvana Roseland Ballroom New York City Original Poster
Single Signed Gerald R Ford Signed Baseball (JSA)
George H.W. Bush Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)
Stone Temple Pilots Signed Drumhead Display (JSA)
1960 Democratic National Convention Full Ticket (John F Kennedy) PSA NM-MT 8
1930s City Of Chicago Wooden Phone Booth
Dazzling "Barnum's Museum" 1855 Lithograph
Amazing 1850s Daguerreotype of Man with Rifle
Framed Display of Ten Bettie Page Vintage Photographs
Bank Check Signed Three Times by James Dean
Silent Movie Photo Pennants (108)
Jackie Coogan Oversized Signed Photo by Apeda (signed as a child)
Six High Grade Issues of Howdy Doody #8 Comic Book (1950)
1920s Winchester Advertising Dressing Screen
Sammy Hagar Concert Used Signed Guitar
1953 John F. Kennedy Signed Letter
Early Photographic History of the City of Seattle (27 photos)
Early Photographic History of the City of New York (40+ photos)
1908 San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Collection of Ephemera & Photographs (5 pieces)
Balanced Precariously on Rockefeller Center (1932)
Advertising Window Displays Original Negatives (350+ negs)
Champion Tall Man Original Negatives (7 negs)
1940 Golden Gate Exposition Original Negatives (44 negs)
Circa 1910 Arts and Crafts Mission Oak Desk
President Gerald Ford Autographed US Currency Collection of 7
Patsy Cline Signed Photo
Civil War Collection. A Sword in Sheath, One Optical Bullet With Photo of Objective, Bullet and Letter in Original Envelope
Circa 1945 Count Basie Concert Poster
1930’s Gibson Guitar String Display Case
1966 James Brown In Concert at The Apollo Theatre Original Concert Poster
Harlem As Seen by Hirschfeld (1941)
1970’s Elton John Stage Worn Costume
1974 KKK Photo
1964 Civil Rights Photo Lot (6)
1939 Mississippi State Prison Photo
Prison Death House Photo (1926)
Statue of Liberty 4 x 5'' Vintage Negative (1940)
Harpers Weekly 19th Century Christmas Prints with Nast (18)
President John F. Kennedy New York's Birthday Salute Program Where Marilyn Monroe Sang Happy Birthday
Awesome Marilyn Monroe Original Publicity Photo
Amos N Andy Hollywood Promotional 8 x 10'' Photograph
1970s Elvis Presley Ticket Stubs (7)
US Army General George Paine Memorabilia Collection
1907 Pawnee Bill Cowboy Western Signed Letter ALS
Vintage Early Rock & Roll Beatles Oversized Photo
1950's Rock & Roll Concert Poster w/ Chuck Berry
Universal Studios “Horror” Prop Coffin with Skeleton
1940's Original Magic Show Poster
1973 Led Zeppelin Jacksonville Fla. Concert Poster
Marilyn Monroe Richard Avedon Portraits Poster
Kiss Auction Catalogue
1956 Fats Domino Set of Six Unused Concert Tickets
1966 Beatles Concert Ticket Stub from Cleveland Stadium
Winchester Pin Collection
1953 Cannes Film Festival Medallion
1965 Beatles Metal Tray
Picasso: The Marina Picasso Collection Japanese Tour Book
Unopened Comic Card Box Collection (8) featuring X-Men
Ringo Starr Signed Gartland Statue
Collection of all (4) Whittier Hotel Beatles Bed Sheets
Larry, Moe and Curly Three Stooges Signed Display
Collection of Signed Record Albums (55)
Huge lot of 1940s-50s Military Original Negatives (100+)
1942 San Quentin Prison Original Negatives (30)
Presidents and Politicians Original Negatives (100+)
1951 William Randolph Hearst Funeral Original Negatives (100+)
1944 San Francisco Crime Original Negatives (62)
Political Leaders Original Negatives (50+)
1944-1948 Original Negatives of San Francisco (100+)
San Francisco WWII Related Original Negatives (75+)
1942-1957 The Circus Visits San Francisco Original Negatives (40+)
1942-1957 Alcatraz Prison Original Negatives (100+)
1940s-50s San Francisco Judaica Negatives (34)
1951 Japanese Peace Conference Original Negatives (300+)
Sarfaris Surf Music Wipe Out Gold Record (1966)
Donny and Marie Leaving It All Up To You Gold Record (1974)
Alicia Bridges I Love the Nightlife Gold Record (1978)
Kool and the Gang Celebrate! Gold Record (1980)
Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive Love Tracks Gold Record (1978)
Def Leppard Hysteria Gold Record Large Display
Guitar Signed by Five Members of Bon Jovi (1980s)
Marilyn Monroe Nude Pin-Up Calendar (1955)
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Gold Record Display
Vintage Entertainment Autograph Display Pieces
1918 President Teddy Roosevelt Signed Letter TLS
Richard Nixon and Watergate Related Signed Time Magazine Covers (10)
President George Bush Signed Letter TLS (1982)
1923 President Warren G Harding Luncheon Program
Ronald Regan Signed TLS as Governor of California (1968)
Inventor Thomas Edison Signed Postal Receipt (1931)
Aviator Orville Wright Signed Air Mail Postal Cover (1928)
President Herbert Hoover Signed TLS (1950)
Original Photographs and Signatures from General Doug MacArthur Estate (10)
President John F Kennedy Inauguration Motorcade License Plate with Registration
1995 Bill Clinton Signed Letter as President with Secretary Betty Currie Notation
19th Century Politician Signed Scrapbook & More (100+) Signatures
Historical and Celebrity Autograph Collection with Richard Nixon
Mobil Oil Advertising Stone Litho Posters (4)
Civil War General and President Ulysses S Grant Photographs (30)
Early 20th Century Photographs of New York City (10)
Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable "The Misfits" Promo Photo (1960)
Lone Ranger Store Display (31 x 62”)
1904 Ringling Brothers Art in Original Frame (21x27" framed)
19th Century Trade Card Collection
Turn of the Century Huebach Figurines with Marklin Bicycles
1954 Ernest Hemingway Original Photographs (9)
35 Different Circa 1930 Americana Trolley Signs
"The Godfather" Joe Bonanno Estate Collection with Complete Suit of Clothing
Four Hartland Statues in Boxes
Big Loo Toy
Vintage Mechanical Bank Collection (17)
19th Century Birdbox
1960's Pez Dispenser
Fada Catalin Bakelite Model 1000 Bullet Radio
Quangaroos Cereal Box
World's Fair Toy Tram from 1938
Rare Space Toy, Superhero & Barbie Collection (16)
Rare Dome Lunch Box Collection
Fatima Tobacco Advertising Sign
1950s Cragstan Mr. Atomic Robot
1937 Seeburg Synphonia "Royale"
Norman Rockwell "Doctor and the Doll" Statue (1989)
1939 Gone with the Wind Program
Photo Collection of Actor Robert Young (43)
Frank Sutton of the TV show Gomer Pyle USMC (15)
Jack Nicholson (59)
Actor Glenn Ford (62)
Roots Author Alex Haley (24)
Whoopi Goldberg (65)
WWII Admiral William Halsey Jr (93)
Photograph Collection of Actor Anthony Quinn (38)
Photograph Collection of Actor Alan Ladd (22)
Opera and Negro Entertainment Autograph Album
Navy Ships and Submarines Photographs (300+)
Views of San Francisco (100+)
United States Prisons (150+)
Cats (200+)
Actor / Actress Prints from Original Negatives by George Hurrell (9)
President Lyndon Johnson Signed Letter (1961)
Rare The Beatles Ephemra Collection
Zeppelin Von Hindenburg Collection with Burned Skin (4)
Political Memorabilia and Ephemera Collection (25+)
AB Chandler Signed Letter as Governor of Kentucky (1939)
President Jimmy Carter Signed Photograph to Staff Member
Paul McCartney 1989-90 World Tour Backstage Passes (43)
Fifth Avenue From 42nd Street Looking South Print (1870's)
1960's DC and Marvel Comic Book Collection (58)
1960's Cochise w/ Horse Hartland Statue with Original Box
Early 1900's Fatima and Mail Pouch Porcelain Advertising Large Thermometers (2)
1993 Hess Truck "Premium Diesel" in Original Box (Rare!)
Richard Nixon Signed All-Stars vs Colts Football Program (1959)
Celebrity and Historical Autograph Collection
Congressional Memorial Address Hardcover Book Collection (100) with Political Autographs
Political Memorabilia Collection
Americana Memorabilia Collection
President Herbert Hoover and Other Politicians Signed Program (1937)
Palm Beach County Florida Voting Machine used in 2000 Presidential Election
Stripper Blaze Starr Handwritten Letter with Racy JFK Content
Andy Warhol Signed Book
1927 Charles Lindbergh Signed Photo
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Signed Photo
1830 President Andrew Jackson Signed Land Grant
JFK and Jackie O Signed Photograph
Seinfeld Cast Signed Rolling Stones Magazine Cover
Collection of Silver Age Comic Books (50)
Americana Collection Including Vintage Photography & Trains
Collection of Movie Posters & Lobby Cards
Childrens Toy Lot Including German Micky Mouse Banner
Circa 1906 Edison Home Phonograph
Pre-World War I Sheet Music Collection (50)
Blossom Umbrella by Erte
Moe Howard, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Sigend Bank Checks (3)
Collection of Kennedy Space Center Signed Cachets with Appolo 11 (13)
The Wizard of Oz Signature Collection (5)
1986 John Hinckley Signed Christmas Card - To "Jodie"
1922 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Letter
Philippe Halsman Photgraphic Portfolio
Sal Mineo Signed Album Cover
1918 John Philip Sousa Signed Photograph
Sweet Caporal Cigarettes Advertising Piece
Katherine Hepburn "Divorce" Signature
1954 Lee Meriwether Beauty Pageant Photo
Ansel Adams Yosemite Photo #1
Ansel Adams Yosemite Photo #2
Ansel Adams Winter in Yosemite Photo #1
Ansel Adams Winter in Yosemite Photo #2
Ansel Adams El Capitan Yosemite Photo
Michigan J. Frog Original Art by Chuck Jones
Johnny Cash
Abbott and Costello
Times Square Aerial View
Broadway 1952
Horse Betting in Las Vegas
Main Street Las Vegas
Mr. and Mrs. Rockwell
Natalie Wood
Scarface (17)
1959 Marilyn Monroe Calendar
1930s Three Little Pigs Pitcher by Wadeheath
Celebrity and Historical Autograph Collection
1930s WPA "Boss Tweed" Oil on Canvas
1937 Orville Wright Signed Bank Check
1962 Virgil "Gus" Grissom Signed Bank Check
Harry Houdini Signed Book "The Unmasking Of Robert-Houdin"
Thomas Edison Signed Book "The Boys Life Of Edison"
New York City Subway Scene By Eston
1945 Atomic Bomb Presentation Book
Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Guns (2)
1950 Rare Hopalong Cassidy Trick Rope In Original Box
1963 "Cleopatra" Royal Box Chair
1963 "Cleopatra" Palace Chair Prop
Colt Peacemaker With Eagle Grips On Custom Display
1860's Winchester Lever Action Rifle
A.H. Goldsmith Hand-Painted Wooden Sign
Buch's Farm Equipment Advertising Sign
Large and Terrific Murad Cigarettes Advertising Sign
Metal Fatima Advertising Sign
Mogul Cigarettes Advertising Sign
Oh Boy Goudey Gum Advertising Sign
Duke Cigarettes Advertising Sign
Marx Bearcat Racer Tin Toy
Jazzbo Jim Tin Wind-Up Toy
Tin Sand Toy
Original Hopalong Cassidy Watch and Pennant
1948-1958 Historical Original Negatives (50+)
1964 Peanuts Original Artwork by Charles Schulz
Americana Collection with Signatures of Jimmy Carter, John Glenn and Ansel Adams
Joan Crawford Signed Letters and More
Three Western Hartlands in Boxes
Harry Houdini 1926 Signed Thank-You Note
Richard Nixon's Presedential Seal Ring
Charles Lindbergh Flown Signed Air Mail Cover
Gold Bust Of Captain Hook Used in the Movie
W. C. Fields Letter with Great Content
1800 Journal of the Senate of The United States of America
1958-59 John F. Kennedy Sterling Silver Pen
Natural Gold Formation Over White Quartz
Medal Presented To Walter Chrysler By Sons Of The American Revolution
Howdy Doody Original 1950s Marionette Puppet
Everybody Loves Raymond Cast Signed Script
Science Fiction Pulp Magazines (26)
Collection of Pin-Up Girlie Calendars (6)
1801 Napoleon Bonaparte Signed Orders
JFK Birthday Program Signed By Marilyn Monroe and Others
Neil Armstrong Signed Apollo 11 First Day Cover
1950s Playboy #1 Gift Set
Hires Root Beer Advertising Sign Collection (3)
1930s Moxie Horsemobile Embossed Tin Litho
Marx Brothers 1970 Esco Statues (3)
Yosemite Falls and The Merced River by Ansel Adams
Lovely Lady Overlooks Yosemite by Ansel Adams
Winter in Yosemite by Ansel Adams Vintage Photograph
Classic Horse-Drawn Sleigh by Ansel Adams
1950s Civil Defense "A-Bomb" Signs (4)
1934 Mae West Old Gold Advertising Standee
1960s Alfred E. Neuman Poster
Dwight Eisenhower WWII Letter Written To Mamie Eisenhower a Month After D-Day
Naval Aviators in Space Print Signed By Neil Armstrong and Eight Other Astronauts
George McGovern and J. Edgar Hoover Bank Signature Cards
Civil War Currency Collection of Richmond Notes (35)
Civil War Era Confederate States Currency Collection (47)
The Godfather 1 & 2 One Sheet Movie Posters and Mario Puzo Signed Excerpt (3)
Civil War Calvary Sword and Rifle Relic
1954 Ronald Reagan Signed MCA Artist Authorization
1913 50th Anniversary of Gettysburg Hand-Painted Banner
President James Monroe Signed 1821 Land Grant
1970 Limited Edition Serigraphs by Richard Anuszkiewicz (3)
Original Painting by Tseng-Ying Pang
Unique Star Trek Cast-Signed Display
Civil War Collection Including CDVs, Letters, Commissions & Gen. Phil Sheridan Signed CDV (25)
19th Century U.S. Military Uniform Collection (3)
Richard Nixon Signed Oath of Office & Ted Williams/Richard Nixon Framed Display (2)
Presendtial Signed Collection Including Coolidge, Nixon, Carter & Bush Sr. (6)
Civil War Belt Display Including Union and Snake Belts Plus More (4)
1921 & 1923 Coca Cola Calandars
Emmy Award
1930s Mickey Mouse Clock Advertising Standee
One of The Finest Charlie Chaplin Signed Pieces on Earth
Elaine Shepard Photograph Collection
Important Find of J. Edgar Hoover Signed Letters (147)
Signed Presidential Documents (4)
1960s Fidel Castro Bobbin' Head
Marilyn Monroe "Playboy #1" Wooden Tray
Jack Ruby Shoots Lee Harvey Oswald Picture
Willy Wonka Signed Golden Ticket
Playboy Calendar Collection with #1 (6)
Circa 1960 Classic Modern Plastic Salesman's Sample Chair
1905 Ringling Bros. Poster & Oversized Programs
High Grade 1940's Fiction House Comic Books (13)
Three Stooges ESCO Figures Complete Set
1880's Ft. Lincoln South Dakota Autograph Books- Site of General Custer & The Little Big Horn
Neil Armstrong Signed Photograph
Program Signed by Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan - The First and Last Men on the Moon
Playboy #1
General George S. Patton Signed Envelope
1941 Suspicion Window Card
Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump Poster
Three Stooges Ceramic Still Bank
1970's B-Movie Vintage Signed Movie Posters (17)
1948 "Dewey Defeats Truman" Newspaper
1921 Maxfield Parrish Letter with Garden of Allah Content
1896 William McKinley Letter
1979 Governor Ronald Reagan In Person Signed Invitation
John Dillinger and Bonnie & Clyde Wanted Posters (2)
High Grade Star Trek #1 Comic Book
High Grade Big Little Book Collection (29)
High Grade 1950s Buddy Lee Dolls (4)
The Godfather Original Script (1972)
Bettie Page 1st Generation Vintage Nudes (9)
Mickey Mouse & Alice in Wonderland Watches in Original Boxes (2)
One Man's Political Pin Collection
Seductive Betty Boop "Out of the Inkwell" Inkwell
1960s Condom and Sex Novelties Vending Machine
The Ultimate Charles Lindbergh Signed Photograph
1818 Declaration of Independence Dedicated to Thomas Jefferson
1995 O.J. Simpson "Trial of the Century" Photographic Evidence (200+ pieces)
1970s Rolls Royce "Spirit of Ecstasy" Ashtray
1992 Emmy Award
First Ever MAD Magazine (#24)
Playboy #1 With Marilyn Monroe
1967 Anti-JFK "Wanted For Treason" Insert Poster with Original Envelope
Collection of Presidential Autographs (10) - Individual PSA/DNA Full Letters
Interesting WWI & WWII Military Signatures (4) (All PSA/DNA Full Letters)
1966 Robert F. Kennedy Signed Letter With JFK & "Marine One" Content
Harpo Marx Signed Dinner Photo
Turn of the Century "Cocks" Enamel Advertising Sign
1978 Ronald Reagan "Hoosiers" Vintage Signed Photo Ticket (PSA/DNA)
Richard Nixon 1972 Trip to China Panoramic Photos & Signed Business Card (10)
Huey Newton & The Black Panthers Original Negatives from San Francisco Examiner (150+)
Star Trek Autograph Collection
1930s Mickey Mouse Table by Kroehler (Life-Sized)
Historical Signed Presidential Collection of Every Commander-in-Chief
1958 John F. Kennedy Signed Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner Program
Civil War Army Military Issue Sword in Scabbard
Historical Figures Autograph Collection with Time Magazine Covers (20)
Harper Lee Signed Handwritten Letters Regarding Book Recommendations (3)
1960s-70s Psychedelic Poster Collection with The Beatles (60+)
Psychedelic Pop Culture Pin Collection (70+)
1969 Apollo 11 Lunar Module Grumman Original Contractor's Model
Tim Burton's "Planet Of The Apes" Screen Used Chimp Mask by Norman Cabrera w/Original Tag (2001)
1961 John F. Kennedy Inauguration Metal "No Parking" Sign
Ed Sullivan Awards & Memorabilia Collection (4)
1973 John Wayne, Gerald Ford & Football Stars Signed Awards Dinner Program Honoring Wayne
Rare 1930s Mickey Mouse Lamp w/Original Shade - Only One Known
1930s Felix the Cat Pitcher & Felix Porcelain-Headed Carnival Cane (2)
Early 1940s Frank Sinatra w/The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Vintage Signed Photo - "I Made Him An Offer He Can't Refuse"
1956 Marlon Brando Personal Script from "Teahouse of the August Moon" -w/Brando Scribblings
Classic 1955 Snoopy Peanuts Daily w/Charles Schulz Signed Letter of Provenance & More (4)
1923 Miss America Pageant 1st Runner-Up Trophy - Brooklyn Kid Makes Good
1955 Historically Significant Elvis Presley Signed Contract Rider with Hill and Range Songs
Blind Faith Complete Autograph Collection with One of the Best Vintage Eric Clapton Full Name Signatures
1993 Nirvana Roseland Ballroom New York City Original Poster
Paul McCartney Provocative Signed Hand Written Letter (PSA & Beckett)
Perry Como Single-Signed Baseball to Umpire Hal Dixon (Dixon Collection) (PSA)
1976 "Saturday Night Live" LP Album Signed by the Cast Including John Belushi (JSA)
Nat King Cole Signed 1952 NY Yankees Program (JSA)
Paul Newman Signed Racing Photo (PSA)
"The 27 Club" Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin Autographs (PSA & JSA)
Disney "Cruella De Vil" Limited Edition Animation Cel by Marc Davis
Howard Stern LeRoy Nieman Print Signed by Both Stern & Neiman (JSA)
Disney Masters Series "Bambi" Animation Cel
1944 Hingees Build-Your-Own Comic Character Models Unused in Original Box
Important Oswald Images
Singer Al Martino from The Godfather Lot(16 photos)
The Godfather Movie Stills (6 photos)
Cartoonist Thomas "TAD" Dorgan File (22 photos)
The Jethro Tull File (21 photos)
Our Gang Movie Stars Register at the Park Central Hotel in N.Y.C. News Service Photo (1928)
The Wizard of Oz Movie Still Photo(1939)
Important Oswald Image: He is loaded in ambulance
Important Oswald Image: Oswald and his weapons
Extensive United States 1st Day Cover Collection (8500+)
John F Kennedy TLS on Congressional Stationary (1952)
1962 Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Defense Signed Large Photograph
Awesome MT Rushmore Designer Gutzon Borglum Signed Photograph
Humphrey Bogart in the Enforcer (1951)
Humphrey Bogart and Audry Hepburn in "Sabrina" (1954)
Marilyn Monroe in Bathing Suit from "Some Like It Hot" (1959)
Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge Gouche Original Painting (1960's)
Carmine Persico Criminal Wanted Poster
Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gelespie and Ella Fitzgerald Original Snapshots (2)
Gia Carangi Vogue 54 x 36 Public Exhibition Photograph
1960's Toy Automobile Collection with Original Boxes (23)
Rare and Desirable Nabisco/Disney Advertising Sign with Mickey Mouse
1926 Benito Mussolini & Vittorio Emanuele III Signed Italian Document
Vintage James Cagney Signed Photo
Three Stooges "Three Little Pigskins" Signed Album Page (JSA)
1957 "I Love Lucy" Studio Sign
1989 "Barking Dog" Original Drawing by Keith Haring (ex-Charlie Sheen Collection)
Collection Of Ramones Ephemera (11)
Significant Marilyn Monroe Topless Photograph by Bert Stern
1961 Jazz Legend John Coltrane Photo
The FDR Whistle-Stop Collection News Service Photos(14)
(18) Pearl Harbor Wire Photo Collection
The Wedding of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Photo Collection(3)
The JFK and LBJ Collection (18 photos)
Early JFKL Photographs (18)
Dirigibles Original Glass Plate Negatives (13 negs)
Hollywood Original Negatives (55 negs)
Aviation Original Glass Plate Negatives (37 negs)
William Randolph Hearst Original Glass Plate Negatives (71 negs)
JFK and his Children Wire Photo Collection (17)
Senator John F. Kennedy Takes the Stump News Service Photo(1958)
Beatles Pomade in Original Box
Malcolm X Little Photo
Duke Kahanamoku Photos (7)
John D. Rockefeller, Sr. Photos (23)
Duke and Roosevelt Photos (2)
Norma Shearer Photos (7)
Gangster John Dillinger’s Final Resting Place News Service Photo(1934)
‘Big Three’ Gathers At Yalta News Service Photo (1945)
Lee Harvey Oswald Wire Photo(1959)
Singer Billie Holiday Arrest Photo (1949)
President FDR At The Democratic State Convention News Service Photo(1928)
Legendary Movie Actress Marilyn Monroe Meets Servicewomen Wire Photo (1952)
Walt Disney, His Wife, & Mickey Photo(1935)
Photo of Walt Disney & Wife with Mickey Mouse Drawing (1934)
1946 Battle of Alcatraz Original Negatives (8 pieces)
<i>Star Wars</i> Collection from <i>Famous Monsters of Filmland</i> (50+ photos and more)
The <i>Bladerunner</i> File Photo Collection (30 pieces)
Three Stooges File Photos from Famous Monsters (12)
Planet of the Apes File from Famous Monsters (238 photos)
Astronaut John Glenn and The Presidents Wire Photos (16)
Amelia Earhart (1935)
Crowd Greets Amelia Earhart News Service Photo(1932)
Young John Dillinger After High School Graduation Photo (1934)
Opera Tenor Enrico Caruso as Pagliacci Photo
1982 E.T. The Extraterrestrial (43 photos and more)
General Patton And The Third Army (1964)
Dr. Jack Kevorkian Photo Lot (43)
Bobby Seale Photo Lot (7)
Two Vintage Dali Lama Photos
President Harding Plays Golf (1923)
Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand Wire Photo Lot (3)
Adolf Eichmann Trial Photographs (47)
The Prince of Wales Playing Sports (4)
Gambling in Las Vegas Photos (8)
Early Las Vegas Photographs (14)
Amazing Galveston TX Flood Damage Photographs (19)
Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. Lone Eagle (19)
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping (13)
Charles Lindbergh in Mexico Aviation Photos (7)
Charles Lindbergh Planes Photographs (14)
Bill Gates Computers Photos (39)
Fantastic images from World War II (21 photos)
1960s Vietnam Photographs (69)
Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of JFK (15 photos)
Singing Legend Billie Holiday Wire Photo Collection (3)
Sex Pistols Musician Johnny Rotten Photo Lot (9)
Blanche Calloway Photos (3)
Harry Houdini Handcuff King Makes Another Daring Escape (1922)
Amazing Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Explosion Original Photograph
Amazing Albert Anastasia Mob Murder Original Photographs (2)
1880s Brigham Young Morman Cabinet Card Photographs (4)
1920s Lon Cheney Actor Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull
(10) Original Betty Page Erotic Photographs
Series of 1934 Federal Reserve Note $500 Dollar Bill
Series of 1928 Gold Certificate $100 Dollar Bill
The Graham Chapman Collection: Monty Python and the Holy Grail film poster
The Graham Chapman Collection: Original photo of Graham
Approximately (500) 1980s Capt'n Crunch TV Ad Animation Cels & Drawings
Charles Lindbergh Souvenir Lot (3)
Collection of Television Entertainment Photographs (200+)
Jackie Gleason Signed Photo
President Hebert Hoover Signed Letter (1928)
High Quality JFK Photo Collection from 1960's (18)
Walt Disney Character Ceramic Figurine Collection (8)
Old German Beer Stein Collection (7)
John Lennon Two Virgins Original Cover printer press proofs (3)
Spainish Dictator Francisco Franco Photographs from SFX Archives (200+)
Actor Robert Deniro Movie Photographs from SFX Archives (34)
Robert Deniro Great Films Photographs from SFX Archives (27)
Clint Eastwood Actor Photographs from SFX Archives (100+)
Mickey Rooney Photographs from the SFX Archives (75)
1960's Gov Nelson Rockefeller Original Negatives (200+)
1960's President Lyndon Johnson Original Negatives (200+)
1960's Alcatraz Prison Original Negatives (200+)
1960's Political Original Negatives (300+)
1960's Richard Nixon Original Negatives (100+)
1960's Charles DeGaulle Original Negatives (100+)
San Quentin Prison Original Negatives (200+)
1964 Republican National Convention Goldwater Protest Original Negatives (60+)
1960 Alcoholics Anonymous Original Negatives (35)
1962 Freedom Riders Racial Segregation Original Negatives (5)
1937 Golden Gate Bridge Original Negatives (34)
1960's Dwight Eisenhower Original Negatives (50+)
1940-41 Wendell Willkie Politician Original Negatives (15)
1960 President Harry S Truman Original Negatives (30)
Collection of Stamp Related Photographs from SFX Archives (400+)
Space Photograph Collection from SFX Archives
California Related Collection of Original Negatives 500+ from the1960's
President Richard Nixon Signed Autographed Photo
1950's "Are Comic Books a Menace" Pamphlet
1960s World’s Greatest Actors Hotel Register Signed by Pacino, DeNiro, Hoffman, & Sheen
Springsteen Handwritten Set List
Beatles Pop Festival Flyer
Beatles Odeon Theater Handbill
Peggy Lee/Billy Eckstine/The Drifters Concert Poster
Arthur Ashe Signed Letter with South Africa Content
1940s Original Magic Show Poster
Life Sized Magic Poster (The Man Who Played With Death)
1940s Life Size Magic Poster
1940s Original Movie Poster (The Man Who Played With Death)
Lone Ranger Rare Canadian Premiums (2)
1973 Led Zeppelin Jacksonville Fla.Concert Poster
Jerry Siegel Signed No. 1 Action Comics
Yoko Ono Grapefruit Books (2)
Rare Lenny Bruce Pot Smokers Book
Pete Townsend Signed Photo from Joe Sia Collection
J.C. Fremont Signed Cut
Louisa May Alcott & May Alcott Signed Cuts
Bill Ward Original Drawing
Superman #4 Comic Book
Lot of Early Superman Comics - Low Grade
Action Comics #28
Adventure Comics #95
Kiss Auction Catalogue Signed by Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley
Charlie Sheen & Reggie Jackson Signed Script Cover Page from "Bad Day on the Block"
Marlon Brando & Charlie Sheen Script from Charlie Sheen Collection
Collection of Charlie Sheen Scripts (7) Including John Cassavetes from Charlie Sheen Collection
Early 1900s Erotica Piece
Elektra Records Paperweight from The Doors Era
Scarce Canadian Sweet Caporal Tobacco Tins (3)
Buddy Guy Autographed Poster
Fillmore Auditorium Poster Chambers Brothers-Iron Butterfly
Suitcase Comic Book Collection (78)
Sweet Caporal Tobacco Card Group (13)
Vintage Les Paul Photo
Rare 1977 Psychedelic Poster Book
Picasso: The Marina Picasso Collection Japanese Tour Book
1st Edition Gangs of New York Hardcover by Herbert Asbury
Large Celebrity, Politicial and Sports Signed Lot
Signed Celebrity Book Collection (7)
Circa 1900 Cuban Cigar Label Collection (150+)
Political and Historical Signed Time Magazine Covers (6)
1960s-70s Catholic Religious Leaders Signed Photos and More (80)
1970s World Presidents/Prime Ministers Signed Photographs (120+)
Astronaut Signed Index Cards (77)
John F Kennedy Related Signed Time Magazine Cover Collection (16)
John Lee Hooker Blues Guitarist (21)
Gerry Adams Sinn Fein IRA Wire Photos (19)
1934/35 Making of MT Rushmore Original Photographs (14)
(10) Abraham Lincoln Youth Memorial Park Photographs from 1930s
1958 World's Fair in Belgium Wire Photos (44)
Early Views of Philadelphia Photographs (38)
1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion Wire photos (75+)
1963 Cuban Missle Crisis Wire Photos (26)
1961-1963 Cuban Revolt Wire Photos (83)
Vintage Deerborn Michigan and Ford Motor Plant Photograhs (20)
Vintage Views of Denver Colorado Photographs (50)
Early Views of Detroit Michigan Photographs (44)
1950s Israel - Egypt War Wire Photos (80+)
1950-60s Wire photos of Cuba (58)
1940s Jewish Refugee Wire Photos (19)
1960s Cuban Refugee Wire Photos (85)
1960s United States Relations with Cuba Wire Photos (27)
1960s United States Reaction to Cuba Wire Photos (48)
Large Format 1960s United States Reaction to Cuba Photographs (11)
Dallas Texas Wire Photos with Book Depository (25)
1960s Da Nang Vietnam War Wire Photos (29)
President Harry Truman with Famous People Wire Photos (17)
President Harry S Truman Wire Photos (91)
World War II Dachau German Concentration Camp Photographs (9)
Circa 1910 California Lynching Real Photo Postcard
Paulette Goddard Actress Photographs (22)
General Westmorland Vietnam War Photos (35)
Actor Charles Laughton Photographs (39)
Actress Sally Field Photographs (55)
Ken Maynard Western Movie Star Photographs (17)
Actress Marion Davies Photographs (16)
Miss America 1955 Lee Ann Meriwether Photographs
Astronaut Alan Shepard Photographs (57)
Actor and Comedian Joe E. Brown Photographs (56)
Wall Street New York Photographs (12)
1910s/20s Actor Tom Moore Photographs (18)
John L Lewis United Mine Workers Photographs (70)
Boss Curley Mayor of Boston Photographs (56)
Ford Motor Company Photographs
LBJ as Senator Wire Photos (14)
Famous Satirist George Bernard Shaw Photographs (52)
Actress Lita Gray Chaplin Photographs (15)
Large Archive of Television Promotional Photos (100+)
Huge Entertainment Photograph Archive (950+)
Sports, Entertainment and Historical Photos (2000+)
Actor Burt Lancaster Photographs (89)
Actor Gregory Peck Photographs (19)
Actress Ava Gardner Photographs (36)
Tarzan Actor Lex Barker Photographs (21)
KKK Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton Photographs (30)
Singer Diana Ross Photographs (52)
Actor Clark Gable WWII Photographs (10)
1958 Little Rock Ark Racial Segregation Photographs (13)
Buddhist Monk Burns Himself Vietnam Protest Photograph (1963)
President Franklin D Roosevelt and Family Photographs (300+)
Large Entertainment Photograph Collection (400+)
San Francisco Examiner Photographic Archive Lot (2000+)
Large Lot of San Francisco Related Original Negatives (400+)
Large Collection of Wire Photos with Sports and Entertainment (400+)
The Mike Douglas Show with Guests Photographs (44)
President Lyndon Johnson Photographs (38)
Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall Wire Photos (10)
Racial Segregation Photographs (15)
1948 Drunk Driving Drunkometer Test Photographs (6)
Approximately 2000 Photographs from the SFX Archives
Good Quality Entertainment Photographs (Appx 1000)
President FDR Trip to San Francisco Oversized Photographs (17)
Jayne Mansfield Gets Married Photographs (4)
Early 1930s President FDR Photographs (11)
Eleanor Roosevelt Oversized Photographs (17)
President FDR Photographs (143)
Eleanor Roosevelt 1st Lady Photographs (60)
Art Exhibits Photograph Collection (100+)
Robert Deniro Actor The Godfather Photographs (11)
Sophia Loren Actress Photographs (250+)
(3) Les Paul, Eric Johnson, Johnny Lang Signed Electric Guitar Greats Lot
(3) Mick Jones, Peter Wolf, Ray Davies 70's Rockers Signed Electric Guitar Lot
(3) John Popper, Boyd Tinsley and Carter Beaford Signed Electric Guitar Jam Band Lot.
(3) Lynyrd Skynyrd &amp; Allman Brothers Band Dickey Betts Roots Rock Signed Guitar Lot.
(3) Gnarls Barkley, OutKast &amp; Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello Signed Guitar Lot
Music Legend Willie Nelson Signed Cleca American Flag Acoustic Guitar
(3) Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone &amp; Susan Tedeschi Soul Sisters Signed Guitars
(3) Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains &amp; The Deftones 90's Alt Rock Signed Guitars
(3) Paris Hilton, Kid Rock &amp; Tabitha Stevens Sex Tape Stars Signed Guitars
(3) Angus Young, Tony Iommi &amp; Zakk Wylde Heavy Metal Gods Signed Guitars
Eddie &amp; Alex Van Halen signed 5150 Style Electric Guitar
Def Leppard Band Signed Electric Guitar With Custom Airbrush Design
1960 Ocean's Eleven Lobby Card Set (8)
Early Vice President Thomas Marshall Photographs (24)
Astronaut Gus Grissom Photographs Died in 1967 (54)
Astronaut Alan Shepard Photographs (52)
Actor Jackie Gleason Photographs (39)
Huge Actor Will Rogers Photographic Archive (80)
Actor Fredric March Photographs (28)
Astronaut James Lovell Photographs (59)
Financier JP Morgan Jr Photographs (36)
Large Archive of Charlie Chaplin Photographs (75)
Nine Inch Nails Musician Trent Reznor Signed Fender Squire Electric Guitar
(2) John Mellencamp &amp; John Hiatt &quot;Indiana Johns&quot; Signed Guitar Lot
Styx Multi Signed Electric Fender Style Guitar
Judas Priest Multi Signed Vintage Memphis Electric Fender-Style Guitar
Velvet Revolver + Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro & Marilyn Manson Signed Guitar
(2) Dick Dale &amp; Mike Love 60's Beach Party Signed Electric Guitar Lot
(3) John Mayer, James Blunt &amp; The Fray Sensitive Rockers Signed Guitars
(3) Peter, Paul &amp; Mary, The Zombies and Sam Moore Sounds of the 60's Signed Guitar Lot
Cartoon Television Show Animation Original Artwork (9)
Signed Book Collection with Sports, Authors and Celebrities (8)
Celebrity Signed Documents and Photos (42)
Handcarved Wooden Black Boy On Watermelon (35" tall)
Westinghouse Mazda 1932 Jackie Cooper Die-cut Sign
19th Century Alligator Suitcase
“Shoot the Babies” Black Americana Arcade Game
1945 Bess Myerson Miss America Trophy
Strauss Tin Litho Jazzbo-Jim w/u Toy
Early Black Americana Tobacco Collectibles (5)
Early Black Americana Tin Toy Collection (4)
1950s Robot Coin-Operated Peanut Machine (55” tall)
John Lennon Signed Bag One Erotic Litho
1940s Gone With the Wind Huge 39x80" Poster
Framed Celebrity Signature Displays (11)
Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger Signed Display Pieces (2)
Mother Teresa Signed Endorsed Check
Erotica Lot with Tijuana Bibles and Playing Cards (15)
1960 John F Kennedy PT109 Campaign Tie-Clasp
Champion Tall Man Originial Negatives (7 negs)
Near Set Of Little Leather Libarary Books (100)
Photographs from the SFX Archives (500+)
Photographs from the SFX Archives (1000+)
John McCain Signed 8 x 10 Photograph
Jodie Foster Photos SFX Archives (62)
Three Tenors Signed 8 x 10 Photograph
Ron Palillo "Horshack" Actor Photos SFX Archives (6)
Actor Peter Falk Photos SFX Archives (50+)
Sean Penn Actor Photos SFX Archives (26)
Actor Steve Martin Photos SFX Archives (50+)
Dr. Authur Seyss-Inquart Nazi Photos (21)
Actor William Hurt Photos SFX Archives (31)
Drew Barrymore Actress Photos SFX Archives (23)
Senator Fred Thompson Photos SFX Archives (11)
Wynton Marsalis Photos SFX Archives (40)
Alan Alda Actor Photos SFX Archives (27)
Nelson Mandela Photos SFX Archives (60+)
James Cagney Photos SFX Archives (50+)
General Matthew Ridgeway Photo SFX Archives (100+)
1940's-60's Political Negative Lot with Reagan, FDR, etc (150+)
Great Celebrity and Historical Autograph Collection
President Herbert Hoover Signed Letter TLS (1945)
1956 "Bus Stop" Marilyn Monroe Publicity Photos (2)
NASA Astronaut Ephemera Collection with Walt Cunningham Signed Baseball
Tommy Lee Jones Actor Photos SFX Archives (21)
Amazing Celebrity Color Slide Collection (60,000+)
Sarah Bernhardt Signed Photographs (2)
Peter Max “God Bless America II” Signed Painting (2001)
1947 Hank Williams Signed "Country Music Folio"
1978 Richard Nixon Signed Financial Statement and Bank Signature Card (2)
High Grade Playboy #1
1920's Movie Glass Lantern Slides (81)
Large Collection of Political Buttons (505)
Beach Boys Signed Guitar, Picketts Signed Guitar, Dave Clark 5 Poster signed by Mike Smith, Wingspan Signed Promo Poster and Japanese Spider Man Poster signed by Star Lee from His Personal Collection
1920s Chief Bitter Moon Advertising Sign
Yellow Kid & Outcault Collection (45)
Rare 1912 Titanic Third Class Brochure
1888 Grover Cleveland Oversized Trade Card
1888 Grover Cleveland Victory Tobacco Complete Puzzle Set
1902 William McKinley Memorial Unused Ticket
1896 McKinley-Bryan Campaign Puzzle
1924 Thomas Edison, Calvin Coolidge, Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford Rare Real Photo Postcard
1861 Gustavus Bergner Brewery Letter
Jefferson Davis Confederate Flyer
William Henry Harrison Political Ephemera (3)
19th Century Campaign Silks (14)
19th Century Photographic Ephemera Collection (7)
1967 Robert F. Kennedy Typed Letter
Coney Island Collection
1849 Salt River Tickets (2)
Early Alcoholics Anonymous Ephemera
19th Century Superb Manhood Advertising Sign
Large Collection of Serial Killer Items (13)
Stanford White Handwritten Letter, Check Signed by his Killer Harry K. Thaw and Card Signed by Evelyn Nesbit (3)
Bruce Springsteen T-Shirt and Jeans
WW1 Mutoscope w/ Excellent Movie
President Grover Cleveland Signed Letter (1907)
1930s Hollywood Promotional Movie Books (4)
Frank Sinatra Signature
John F. Kennedy Signed Photo
1940s L'il Abner SUNDAY Comic Strip Original Art
1975 Frank Zappa & The Mothers New Years Eve Concert Poster
Portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Blanche Weiss
Paul McCartney by Dezo Hoffman
Collection of (8) Autographed Guitars with Beach Boys, Lonestar and More
Collection of (7) Autographed Guitars with America, Celine Dion, The Doors and More
1941 Gary Cooper Royal Crown Cola Cardboard Sign
1967 Beat Time “The Beatles” Pinball Machine
JFK PT-109 Delegate Paperweight
Erte “L’Empanachee” Signed Lithograph (1979)
Houdini Giclee Lithograph by Al Hirschfeld
Yaacov Agam " Ancient Battle " Agamograph Limited Edition Signed by the Artist AP 20/25
Heath Ledger Signed Display
Fickle Finger of Fate
1962 James Brown at Civic Auditorium San Francisco Concert Poster
Elvis Presley Signed New Frontier Hotel Letterhead
Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photo
Collection of 30 Lobby Cards
Signed Photo Collection which covers Sports, Politics and Entertainment
Lowney's Chocolates Lithographed Tin Advertising Sign
Gerald Ford Signed Richard Nixon Pardon
Vintage Wright Brothers Home Celebration Pinback Button
JFK - Evelyn Lincoln Collection
1940’s Comic Book Collection (300+)
Playboy Magazine Single Owner 1950s Complete Run
"Superman II" Cape (Photo-Matched with Detailed LOA)
P.T Barnum Hand Written and Signed Letter
W.C. Fields Signed Check with Photo
Three 1930s Japanese Josephine Baker Cards
1956 Elvis Presley Enterprises Scarf
1828 Bible with An Actual Pistol Hidden Within
Original Woodstock Poster
Charlie Sheen’s Shawshank Redemption Movie Script with Great Handwritten Comments
1950s Professor Alba Vintage Magic Posters (2)
1950s Linemar Battery Operated Robot
Brad Pitt Pants from the Movie "Fight Club"
Charles Schultz Signed Red Baron Book with Drawing and Inscription
Lot of 7 Signed Letters Including 4 Cole Porters, Aaron Copeland, Feuer and Martin, and Billy Rose
Woodstock Signed Poster and Original Ticket Display
Ronald Reagan Signed Bat and 2 Mikhail Gorbachev Signed Baseballs
Playboy Issue #1
Dewey Defeats Truman Newspaper
Pair Of Confederate Notes ($100 and $50)
George Raft Watch
Douglas MacArthur Single Signed Baseball
Uncle Sam "I Want You" Metal Recruitment Sign
Beatles Signed Photo (Lennon and McCartney Ghost-Signed)
Important "Pickfair" Vintage Photograph
1898 "Off To Klondyke" Gold Rush Sheet Music
1931 Boris Karloff "Frankenstein" (Spanish) and Signed Theatre Program "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Napoleon Handwritten Letter
Sale of Slave Letter
Napoleon Signed Document
Burris Jenkins Jr. Original Murder for Profit Artwork
Gary Cooper Vintage Signed Photograph
Mickey Rourke Signed Chaps Worn During The Last Outlaw
Large Casino Chip Collection
Signed Copy of "Speeches of William Jennings Bryan, Volume I"
Signed Copy of P.T. Barnum's Autobiography "Life of P.T. Barnum"
4 Presidential Signed Books with 2 Richard Nixon
Collection of 9 Television Scripts (6 Signed), One Film Script and Lucy and Desi Signed Checks
Collection of Entertainers' Signatures including Marx Brothers Signed Book
Playboy #1 Large Print Signed by Hugh Heffner
Magnificent 1920s Phone Booth
Art Deco Coin-Operated Weight Machine
San Francisco Examiner Original Art (60+)
1930s-1970s San Francisco Examiner Wanted Posters (56)
The Beatles "Butcher" Record Album Cover Slick
1978 Playboy Pinball Machine by Bally
Collection of Stephen B. Tarlton Civil War Letters, Diaries and Sundries
Collection of John Crandal Civil War Letters
Pvt. Harvey Durkee Civil War Letters, Family Letters and Transcriptions
Max Montclair Vintage Art Poster by Harford
Charles Fazzino "There’s Traffic, 9 to 5" with Original Artwork on the Reverse 2/300
Charles Manson Signed Deposit Slips & Signed Photos (16)
Yu Li San Stone Litho Magic Poster
Star of David “Jude” Patch Worn at Therezin Concentration Camp
1789 George Washington Inauguration Button
Three Benjamin Harrison Checks
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Signed Check
JFK and Jackie O Signed Photograph
John D. Rockefeller Stock Certificate
Birdman of Alcatraz Letter
David Ben Gurion Letter
John Hancock Signed Document
Laurel and Hardy Signed Photograph
1934 Wizard of Oz and Mickey Mouse Waddle Books
1930s Mickey Mouse Watch in Original Box
MAD Magazine Bound Volumes from the Russ Cochran Collection (3)
MAD Magazine Bound Volume including the First Magazine (#24-30)
Panic Comics Complete Run Bound Volume (#1-12)
Five Presidents Autographed Display
Mikhail Gorbachev Signed Book
Little Orphan Annie Doll in Original Box
D-Day Letters (18)
Last Knife Made by Daniel Boone Descendant D. Boone with 1978 Documentation
1957 Cheyenne TV Western Whitman Original Art
Case of 1955 Davy Crockett Windup Toys in Original Pop-Up Display Box
1939 New York World’s Fair Art Deco Fan
1930s Mickey Mouse French Inkwell
1949 Porky Pig Wristwatch in Original Box
1948 Pinocchio “Birthday Series” Wristwatch in Original Box
1930s Mickey Mouse Night Lights in Original Box
1940 Dumbo Porcelain Figure from Italy
Tsung Dynasty Chinese Toys (3)
Marilyn Monroe Playboy #1 Card Decks in Original Box
Woody Woodpecker Animation Cell
1955 Marilyn Monroe Pinup Calendar
Vintage Charlie Chaplin Signed Photo
1954 Walt Disney Signed Bank Check
Philip Morris Johnny Roventini Complete Suit
1939 Gulliver’s Travels Original Paintings (6)
1957 Genco Horoscope Grandma Fortune Teller
Warner Brothers Original Drawing by Virgil Ross
1940s-50s Comic Book Collection (51)
1960s DC Comic Book Collection (120)
1950 Picture News Comic and Proof Pages
Framed Front Page Headlines Including The Titanic (5)
Jimmy Stewart Signed Letters (10) and Drawings (2)
1900s Fortune Teller Magnificent Coin-Op Figure
Presidential Autograph Collection
Annie Oakley Turn of the Century Plugged Coin
Newly Discovered 1941 Superman Poster
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Solid Gold Coin
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Script Signed by Jack Nicholson
October 3. 1989, Paul McCartney Letter (PSA)
1940 Laurel and Hardy Signed Caricature (PSA)
Jay-Z Personally Gifted Ace of Spades Champagne Bottle w/On the Run Tour Used Towels (Jay-Z Security Guard Provenance)
"Any Given Sunday" Screen Worn Helmet Attributed to Dennis Quaide
Original 1950s Roy Rogers Hartland Lamp
Original Yak Hair Rug from the 49 Million Dollar Penthouse Magazine Mansion (photo evidence)
1960s Vietnam War Peace Protesters Helmet Worn by Veteran
1956 Forbidden Planet Original Release Black & White + Color Stills (30)
Wizard of Oz Oversized Movie Stills (10)
Early Collector Price Guides from One Earnest Collector (36)
19th-20th Century Collection of Tokens, Medals, Coins, Pins, (700+)
Three Tom Mix Autographs (with PSA 9)
Sal Mineo Signed "Rebel Without a a Cause" Photo (PSA Mint 9)
John Hancock Signature (PSA 7)
Amazing 1920s-30s Tom Mix Scrap Book & More
Memorable 1960s-70s One-Sheet Movie Posters (34)
1960s-70s Movie Pressbook Collection (28)
1950s Horror Posters, Beatles and More (8)
1927 Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St Louis Signed Print (PSA)
U.S. Presidents and Political Signature Collection (21-All PSA Slabbed)
Watergate Scandal Autograph Collection of Seventeen from an Old Time Collector (All PSA Slabbed)
Movie and Entertainment Autograph Collection of 8 with Betty Grable PSA 10 (All PSA Slabbed)
1950s German Movie Program "Heralds" (80)
Early New England Dining Room Chest
1974-75 Star Trek Whitman Mini Comic Books in Original Shipping Case (appx 1700+)
1860s Robert E. Lee "Presidential" Signature (PSA)
President Ronald Reagan & VP George Bush signed 1981 Inaugural Gala Invitation (PSA)
1950 Hopalong Cassidy Chocolate Candy Box with WIlliam Boyd
Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Signed By Gene Wilder (PSA GEM MT 10)
1800 Aaron Burr Signed Check (PSA GEM MT 10)
President John F. Kennedy Sterling Silver Golf Tee by Tiffany from the "Summer White House" (2)
1925-28 Ronald Reagan High School Yearbook Complete Set (4)
1942 Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker) High School Yearbook
1949 James Dean High School Yearbook (ex-Seth Poppel Yearbook Library)
Pop Culture & Entertainment Autograph Collection (30+)
Massive Signed FDC Cachet & Vintage Celtics Program Collection with All Major Sports (400+)
Virgil Ross "Looney Tunes" Illustration Portfolio (14)
Three Character Watches in Original Boxes
1930s Yellow Cab Drivers Hat with Unusual Enamel Badge
1962 JFK Pill Box and More from his Summer Retreat (3)
Magnificent Pop Culture Autograph Collection with Major Names & Presidents (750+)
1920s Charlie Chaplin "Eureka" Horse Racing Game in Original Box
High Grade 1960s JFK Publications from Fastidious Collector (70)
1949 James Dean Twice-Signed High School Yearbook (PSA & Classmate LOA)
1983-87 Johnny Carson NBC "Tonight Show" Contracts (9)
1990-95 Jay Leno NBC "Tonight Show" Contracts (12)
Vintage U.S. & International Postage Stamp Collection
Whitey Bulger Prison ID
1965 Paul McCartney Signed Help! Book (SGC LOA)
Leonard Nimoy "Star Trek III - Search for Spock" Movie Worn "Spock" Ears (Nimoy LOA)
1976 Miguel Aguilar "Bad News Bears" Screen Worn Uniform
Buck Jones Screen Worn Cowboy Hat
1940s-50s "Pancho" Screen-Worn Ensemble by Leo Carillo & Frank Yaconelli (Family Sourced)
1943 Frank Sinatra Columbia Records Employee Questionnaire - Four Days Before Signing (JSA)
Beautiful Benjamin Franklin Signature Display (PSA)
1853 Abraham Lincoln Twice-Signed Legal Document (PSA)
1964-65 Beatles Full Ticket Collection w/RARE 1965 Shea Stadium (6)
1988 Donald Trump & Bill Clinton Original Art
Important 1961 JFK Signed Letter - Was This the Letter that Killed Kennedy (PSA)
U.S. Generals Autographs w/Civil War (All PSA Slabbed)
Group of Jimmy Carter Signed 'A Call to Action' Books (5)
Eagle Brand Musical Strings Store Display
1971 Jerry Garcia Photo by Henry Diltz
Early Presidential Prints (8)
Mikhail Gorbachev Signed Photograph with Reagan & Bush
1937 Mickey Mouse Premium Baseball Glass
1998 "The Three Tenors" PSA 10 Signed Photo (PSA)
1964 Beatles Bobbing Head Complete Set
Hollywood Autograph Collection (50+)
George H.W Bush Signed Presidential Bat (JSA)
Three Stooges & Herman Munster Hand Puppets (4)
1996 Rock 'N' Roll HOF Groundbreaking Hard Hat & Signed Sports Caps
Wizard of Id Original Comic Art
Robert Plant Signed Polaroid (PSA 9)
1923 Joe Cobb Our Gang Contract
Unopened 007 James Bond Talcs in Original Case
1932 Freaks by Todd Browning (35 photos)
19th Century Book of Calligraphy from Woody Gelman Collection
Joseph Pulitzer Wire Photo
President Gerald Ford Signed Golf Ball
2000 Stephen Stills Autographed Acoustic Guitar
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Signed Poster
1968 Hubert Humphrey Single Signed Baseball
1955 Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch Movie Still
1941 Lon Chaney Jr. The Wolfman Movie Still Photo
1942 Lon Chaney Jr Ghost of Frankenstein Movie Still Photo
1931 Bela Lugosi Dracula Movie Still Photo
Orson Wells Signed School Document / Original Art
18th and 19th Century Connecticut Signed Historical Documents (3)
1940s Walt Disney Jiminy Cricket Advertising Sign
1903 Booker T Washington TLS Signed Display
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) Signed ALS & Postal Cover
1920s Felix the Cat Doll
Herbert Hoover Signed Presidential Appointment Certificate
Gambling in Las Vegas Photos (8)
Early Las Vegas Photographs (14)
Dr. Jack Kevorkian Photo Lot (43)
Adolf Eichmann Trial Photographs (47)
Photo Collection of Actor Robert Young from SFX Archives (43)
United States President News Service Photos (9)
1960 John F Kennedy PT109 Campaign Tie-Clasp
Original Sex Pistols Promotional Poster For "Never Mind The Bollocks"
Queen Elizabeth Photograph Archive from SFX Archive (275+)
WWII Era German Nazi Military Photographs from SFX Archives (Most Pre-WWII)
Actor Jason Robards Photographs (34)
Vintage Ephemera Collection (43) from SFX Archives
Bing Crosby Photos from SFX Archives (48)
Statue of Liberty Photographs from SFX Archives (37)
Vintage Bing Crosby Photographs from SFX Archives (36)
Better Sebastian Cabot Actor Photographs (11)
Admiral Chester Nimitz Photographs from SFX Archives (23)
Better Mel Brooks Actor Photographs SFX Archives (22)
1938 Cock Fighting Original Photographs (7)
Better John Forsythe Actor Photographs SFX Archives (21)
Vast Collection of Celebrity Photographs from the SFX Archives (800+)
c. 1910 Pocohontas Tobacco Leather
President Richard Nixon Signed Bank Signature Card
Red Foxx Worn Outfit
Ultra Rare 1964 Beatles Signed First World Tour Postcard with Jimmie Nicol (PSA)
1958-59 New York City Medal & Key to the City Presented by Mayor Wagner to Leonard Bernstein (2)
Fidel Castro Signed Proclamation
Donald Trump Signed First Edition Book & Dollar Bill (Proof of Signing) (PSA)
1977 Andy Warhol Signed Photograph with Lillian Carter at Studio 54 (Beckett)
1865 "Death of President Lincoln" by Currier & Ives
Three Stooges Signed Photograph Display (all Signed by Moe)
1940 Tarzan Edgar Rice Burroughs - Unused Dust Jackets
1936 "Marihuana" Film Poster
John F. Kennedy Signed "Profiles in Courage" Book - Gifted by JFK with Signed Letter (PSA)
1965 Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" Original Movie Stills with Matching Original Negatives (64)
Popular Cartoon Sketches, Production Cel & Autograph Collection (30+)
Enticing Historical Figures Autograph Collection Going Back to the 1600s (110+)
1967 Colonel Sanders Personally Worn & Owned Suit
1934 John Dillinger "Four-Piece" FBI Wanted Poster
1863 Abraham Lincoln Signed Civil War Officer Commission (PSA)
1963 John F. Kennedy Signed White House "Happy Birthday" Letter (JSA)
Benedict Arnold Signed Letter Display with "Boston" Content (JSA)
White House Golf Signed Photograph
1962 "Nassau Agreement" Walking Liberty Half Dollar Gifted by John F. Kennedy
1975 Buffalo Bob Smith Screen Worn Howdy Doody Suit
1980s Clayton Moore Screen-Worn "Long Ranger" Western Shirt
Abraham Lincoln Ink Signature (PSA & JSA)
General Custer Ink Signature (PSA)
Bruno Sanmartino v. Gorilla Monsoon On Site Poster
1969 Distinguished Service Medals & 1941 West Point Platinum Diamond Ring Presented to Charles Seamans III