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19th Century Baseball

1865 First Baseball Cigar Label
19th Century Baseball Tintypes (2)
The American National Game of Baseball Vintage Print (18x24”)
19th Century Lemon Peel Baseball
1865 First Baseball Cigar Label
19th Century Baseball Tintypes (2)
The American National Game of Baseball Vintage Print (18x24”)
19th Century Lemon Peel Baseball
1839-53 Magnolia Base Ball Club Copper Plate Engraving
A. G. Spalding Handwritten Letter
1903 Buffalo Bisons Cabinet Photo (7.5x9.5”)
1885 Reno White Star Baseball Club Mounted Albumen Print.
1894 Baltimore Baseball Club Pendant
19th Century Baseball Ephemera
1897 Boston Baseball Club Book by Tuohey
19th Century Darktown Battery Mechanical Bank
1890’s Webbed Thumb Baseball Glove
Cap Anson Cabinet Photo (4.5x6.5”)
19th Century Cuban Baseball Fan
A.G. Spalding Sports Guides (11)
1888 Child Baseball Photo by Guerin (16x20")
Turn of the Century Baseball Scorecard Collection (10)
19th Century Baseball & Football Photo Collection (21)
1834 The Book of Sports by Robin Carver
George Wright Book Signed To His Grandson
1866 The Book of American Pastimes by Charles Peverelly
1871 Stratford Baseball Team Photo with James O'Rourke (12x14")
1857 Ashland vs. Enterprise Trophy Baseball
19th Century American Clock Company "Iron Front" Baseball Clock
1890's Baseball Pocket Watch (2.5")
1880’s Baseball Flow Blue Stein
1880 Peck & Snider Hand-Colored Sporting Goods Catalogue
1859 Baseball Player's Pocket Companion & 1867 Beadles Guide
1877 Trophy Baseball
1909 Baseball Andiron (20")
1899 Wee Willie Keeler Commercial Print (16x23")
19th Century Tintype with Black Catcher (3x4”)
Mid 19th Century Baseballs (2) & 1871 Trophy Ball
1877 DeWitt's Baseball Guide
1875 Peck & Snyder Hand-Colored Catalogue
Victorian Girls Baseball Independence Day Tintype
Turn of the Century Albany B.B. C. Photographic Schedule
The First 11 Issues of 1877 The Baseball News
1871 Stratford Baseball Team Photo with James O'Rourke (12x14")
19th Century Heubach Baseball Figurines
19th Century Lemon Peel Baseball Shaving Mug
1870 Philadelphia Athletics Jumbo Carte-de-visite
1880's Holy Cross Baseball Cabinet Photographs (7)
Late 19th Century Paulding Clippers Ad Card (4.25”x6.5”)
1880's Lithograph Baseball Fan
1885 New York Mets Braodside (6"x9")
19th Century Glove and Lemon Peel Baseball
Confederate Era Baseball CDV (2.25”x4”)
Large Turn Of The Century Women's Baseball Silk (23"x23")
1888 New York Giants Sporting Times Cigar Box Label
1903 World Series Full Ticket
1889 World Series Program
1894 Temple Cup Steel Engraving by Hy Sandham
Darktown Battery Bank
HUGE 1882 Baseball Trophy Presented to Tony Mullane for the First No-Hitter
1874 Canadian Championship Program with KKK
1886 Metropolitan BBC Championship Baseball Trophy
Harry Wright's Hall of Fame Plaque
1891 National League Baseball Convention Ex-Official Delegate’s Badge
1830s Baseball Engraving
1866 Baseball Certificate
Exemplary Wright & Ditson Ring Bat
1895 Elmer Smith Cabinet Card & Lifetime Pass
1890 Players League Scorecard
Brooklyn's Washington Park Schematic
1873 Childrens Fashions with Baseball Lithograph
Two 1887 "Our National Game" Albums
1894 Temple Cup Steel Engraving by Hy Sandham
1880's Webless Workman’s Buckleback Glove
1870’s Figure Eight Baseball
1887 Detroit & Chicago Baseball Currency
1866 Baseball Certificate
1897 Major League Barnstorming Tour Photo
1887 Detroit Base Ball Club Oversized Cabinet Photo
"The First Nine" 1868 Cincinnati Red Stockings Oversized Mounted Photo
Base Ball 1845-1871 by Seymour R. Church
1889 New York Giants Plate
19th Century Currier & Ives Baseball Litho
1870s Yale Baseball Albumen Print
Turn of the Century Cap Anson Ginger Beer Bottle
Early 20th Century Baseball Occupational Shaving Mug
1866 American Pastimes by Peverelly
1887 St. Louis Browns Stanhope
1906 Frank Delahanty Cabinet Photograph by Horner (5x7")
Pair of Amazing 19th Century Baseballs
Turn of the Century Figural Baseball Whiskey Flasks
1876 Louisville Base Ball Club National League Stock Certificate
Morgan Bulkeley Signed Document
Cap Anson 1889 Uncle Sam Magazine
1877 Alexander Cartwright Signed Receipt
1880's Baseball Occupational Shaving Mug
1913 Iowa Silver Trophy Bat
Spectacular 1880's Buck Ewing & John Montgomery Ward Baseball Clock
1888 St. Louis Browns Champion Pocket Watch with Presentation Fob
1876 “Hartford Club” Lamp With Baseball Figure

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