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George Brace's Library (730+)
George Brace Photo Collection (1000+)
19th and 20th Century Baseball Guides (150)
George Brace Signed Baseball Collection (22)
1940 All-Star Game Signed Program
George Brace 1940 Chicago White Sox Vintage Signed Photo
George Burke's 1947 All-Star Game Pass and More
1983 All-Star Game 50th Anniversary Signed Wooden Boards
1960 Baseball Confidential Signed Releases
1936 George Wright Letter
George Wright 1936 Letter to George Brace
One of the Earliest Mickey Mantle Yankee Photos
The Finest Babe Ruth Photograph We Have Ever Offered! (by Charles Conlon)
Exceptional Collection of Charles Conlon Photos (9)
Cal Hubbard ALS
Joe Medwick TLS
James Delahanty "Greatest Kick" Letter
Two Jack Glasscock Handwritten Letters (1936)
Fred Clarke Stats Letter
Two Jacko Fields Lengthy Biographical Letters
Two 1941 Joseph Gunson Full-Page Letters Comparing Ty Cobb & Billy Hamilton
Two Jake Virtue Letter with Page ALS
John Anderson Letter
Tom H. Bond ALS
W.G. Bradley Handwritten Response
John Ganzel TLS. r.e. 1903 New York Highlanders
George Burke Special Signed Prints from 1996 Gallery Exhibition (50 different)