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Joe E. Brown and the San Francisco Seals (1931)
Chief Yellow Horse of the Sacramento Senators by Jim Ballard (1923)
Willard Brown and Buster Clarkson (2 photos)
Joe DiMaggio on the San Francisco Seals (1936)
Dressen and the 1950 PCL Champs (1953)
First Major League Game at Seals Stadium (April 15, 1958)
Carl Mays on the Portland Beavers (1930)
Charles Lindbergh and Seals Owner Charles Strub Original Glass Plate Negative (circa 1930)
1930s Pacific Coast League Original Glass Plate & Celluloid Negatives (60 negs)
Jim Keesey & Henry Oana of the 1932 Killer Seals
Luke Easter (1949)
Monumental Pacific Coast League Baseball Photograph Collection (425+ images)
PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE : Original Negatives, 1937-1938
PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE : Huge Collection, 1910s-1950s
LEFTY O'DOUL (1897-1969) : World Series, 1933
PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE : Impressive collection of negatives, 1940s-1950s
SOLONS & OAKS : Pacific Coast League, circa 1928
1942 SAN FRANCISCO SEALS : Victory, 1942
1928 SAN FRANCISCO SEALS : Team Photo, 1928
OLD TIMERS DAY : Seals Stadium, June 13, 1955
Recreation Park Panorama (circa 1910)
Joe Di Maggio PCL Collection
Last of the Spitballers (1931)
Carl Sawyer: Clown Prince of the Vernon Tigers (5)
Casey Stengel, First Year Manager of the Oakland Oaks (1946)
Lefty O’Doul’s Restaurant (1949)
Collection of Early Pacific Coast League Baseball Photos (68)
Tony Lazzeri on San Francisco Seals (1941)
Mike Fisher 1884 Alta Cabinet Photo and more (4)
Padres Giant Rookie (1949)
Spectacular Luke Easter Photo by William Rogers (1949)
Dedication of Seals Stadium with Ty Cobb (1931)
Ernie Lombardi (1930)