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1950's E.C. Comics Fan Addict Kit
Big Little Books Collection (34)
1970’s Filmways Superman Preliminary Cel Drawings (20x42” framed)
1950's E.C. Comics Fan Addict Kit
Big Little Books Collection (34)
1970’s Filmways Superman Preliminary Cel Drawings (20x42” framed)
Daredevil #1 Comic Book
1950’s-60’s Comic Strip Original Art Collection (4)
Superman #1 Comic Book
The Simpsons Fabulous Animation Cels (12)
Cracked Magazine Original Paintings (2)
1966 Krazy Kat Animation Cels (2) with Oiriginal Handpainted Production Backgrounds
19th Century Zoetrope
1930s Erotic Comic Character Cards (48)
1934 Buck Rogers Helmet & Rocket Pistol in Original Illustrated Envelope
1966 Dr. Solar #18 Original Cover Painting by George Wilson
Charles Schulz Signed Original Snoopy Drawings (2)
Go Go Gophers Animation Cel Collection (21)
1904 Boston Sunday Herald Cartoon Posters (2)
Superman Original Story Art The Eliminator!
Hanna Barbera Assorted Autographed Animation Collection (19)
Mickey Mouse Toy Chest
Al Jaffee Original Artwork for Mad Magazine (2)
Marvel Comics Collection (5)
1956 Disneyland Autograph Book w/ Walt Disney & Mousketeers
1939 Comic Character Wooden Pencil Toys (14)
William M. Gaines’ Chair from his MAD Magazine Office
1935 Donald Duck Lionel Handcar NRMT in Original Box
Peanuts Mask (2)
Bill Gaines Desk & Chair From The MAD Offices
EC Fan Addicts Club Kit (6)
Dave Fleischer Signed Drawings (2
Buster Brown 1904 Blue Ribbon Shoes Poster by R.F. Outcault
Large Jiggs Bisque Figure (7")
Herriman Krazy Cat Comic Strip Original Art
Mad Memorabilia Collection (26)
Godfather Mad Magazine Cover Art
1930s The Shadow Blue Coal Radio Premium Cape
Batman Sketch by Bob Kane
Pamela Anderson Lula 3D Life Size Store Display
Lara Croft Life Size Store Display from the original Tomb Raider
1966 Batman Aurora Model Kit Advertising Sign
Our Gang Ceramic Bisques in Original Box
1930s Bendix Radio Die-Cut Advertising Sign with Cut-Outs
Spiderman #1
Spiderman #2
Fantastic Four #1
Fantastic Four #2
Batman & Robin Painting by Creator Bob Kane
Robert Crumb Signed Prints (3)
Vintage Rare Mad Magazine & Comic Book Lot (106)
Buster Brown Premium 1908 Pocket Mirror Mint!
First Superman Sunday Comic Strip
Toonerville Trolley Original Comic Art
Pogo & Shoe Original Comic Art (daily and 2 Sundays)
Original 1930's & 40's Blondie Comic Art (3 Dailys)
Fantastic Rare Brenda Starr Hand Colored Sunday Comic Art
Uncle Remus Brer Rabbit Original 1953 Comic Art (Walt Disney)
1954 Uncle Remus Original Comic Art (Sunday)
1978 Creepy Magazine #98 Original Comic Art (7 pages)
Barney Baxter Original Fantastic Comic Art (4 Dailys)
1937 Buck Rogers Original Comic Art (Daily)
1950's-60's Beetle Bailey Original Comic Art (1 Sunday, 4 Dailies)
Original Comic Art - Pete The Tramp, Hi & Lois and Gordo
Original 1956 Rip Kirby Comic Art (8 Dailys)
Donald Duck / Terry & The Pirates Original Comic Art
1947 Superman Daily Original Comic Art
Woody Woodpecker Original Walter Lantz Signed Animation Drawing
1969 Mad Magazine Fold-In Original Illustration Art
1968 Mad Magazine Fold-In Original Illustration Art
Dick Tracy Rare Comic Art (The Brow)
Muhammad Ali (1) and Derek Jeter (2) Signed Warner Brothers Cels
1947 Superman PEP Cereal Calendar Blotter
1940's Radio Premium Collection
Rare Popeye Condiment Set - c.1930's
Vintage 1960's Green Goblin Marvel Comics Costume
Vintage 1960's Iron Man Marvel Comics Costume
Vintage 1960s Magneto Marvel Comics Costume
Dr. Seuss First Edition Collection (45)
1935 Full Roll of Popeye Tablecloths
1934 Uncut Sheet of Tarzan Ice Cream Signs
Treasure Box of Famous Comics
Original Dr Suess Animation "The Grinch" Storyboard Art
"Li'l Abner and his Dogpatch Band" Wind-Up
1930s Betty Boop String Holder
Captain Marvel Lunch Tote Bag
Rare 19th & 20th Century Children's Pop-Up Books (19)
1959 Spanish Superman Comic Collection (9)
1930s Mickey Mouse Spanish Tea Set
1973 Mickey Mouse Gold Presentational Ring
Shirley Temple String Holder
1970 Charles Schultz Signed Letter
Lot Of Limited Edition Animation Art
1968 Superman Color Separations Uncut Sheets
1940's The Phantom Comic Books (17)
Here Comes Paul Terry to Save the Day
Julie Newmar as Catwoman
Clarence “Ducky” Nash Mickey Mouse Club Still
Pat Sullivan, Creator of Felix the Cat by Apeda
Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers Original Stills (2)

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