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Mickey Cochrane Single Signed Baseball
George Kelly Single Signed Baseball
Hall of Famers Signed Baseball Collection (4)
Jesse Haines Autographed & Inscribed Baseball
Autographed Dodgers Hats, Gloves, & Jerseys Collection (30)
Elmer Flick Single Signed Baseball
Warren Giles Single Signed Baseball
Nestor Chylak Single Signed Baseball
Branch Rickey Single Signed Baseball
Brooklyn Dodgers Single Signed Baseball Collection (14)
Earl Averill Single Signed Baseball
Red Faber, Lety Gomez & George Kelly Signed Baseball
Umpires Signed Ball w/ McGowan & Cincinnati Reds Signed Ball w/ Lombardi
Hall of Famers Single Signed Baseball Collection (84)
Brooklyn Dodgers "Line Drivers" Newsletters (57)
Signed Brooklyn Dodger Publications (36)
1940-1957 Brooklyn Dodger Rosters (17)
Assorted Brooklyn Dodgers Comic Books (11)
Run of 1941-56 World Series Programs (13) & 1949 All Star Game Program
Run of 1946-57 Brooklyn Dodgers Full Tickets Plus 2 Proofs (13)
Complete 1940's-50's World Series Ticket Stub Collection (48)
Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Yankees World Series Ticket Collection (14)
Brooklyn Dodgers 1974, '75, & '78 TCMA Autographed Cards (89)
Set of Brooklyn Dodger Yearbooks (12)
1940's-50's Special World Series Pass Collection (28)
Brooklyn Dodgers Decals & Patches (49)
1940's & 50's Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Baseball Cards (235)
Ebbets Field Signed Photo (16x20")
1950 Willard Mullin Original Artwork (16.5x23")
The Brooklyn Bum & Duke Snider Original Artwork by Hubenthal & Amelia (2)
1955 Brooklyn Dodger Signed Print (22x24")
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Photo With Two Jackie Robinson Signatures
Brooklyn Dodgers Sheet Music & Records (8)
Brooklyn Dodger Press Pin Run (10)
Jackie Robinson Ephemera Collection w/ Press Book (16)
Brooklyn Dodger Player Pin Collection (46)
1940s-50s Brooklyn Dodgers Celluloid Pins (22)
Triple Crown Signed Balls & Print
Brooklyn Dodgers Mini Pennant Collection (15)
1940's Dodger Blanket (60x72")
1946 Jackie Robinson Signed Newark Bears Program with Unsigned Photo
Jackie Robinson Jersey Signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers
Jack Lang's 1947-1957 Brooklyn Dodgers Score Book Collection
Dodgers Illustrated Current News Photo & More (10)
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Ebbets Field Print (19x20")
Brooklyn Dodgers Glassware (9)
Large Hand Painted 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Baseball
Hall of Famers Autographed Bat with Ted Williams
Brooklyn Dodger 1929-57 Program Run with 1955 Opening Day (34)
Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia Collection (22 pieces)
Brooklyn Dodgers Wire Photo Collection (99)
1950 Brooklyn Dodger Team Signed Baseball
1947 Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball
1939-44, & 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Baseballs (7)
11 Perfect Game Pitchers Signed Baseball
1956 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Baseball
Baseball Hall Of Fame Signed Induction Cards (100+)
Signed Brooklyn Dodgers Wire Photo Collection (78)
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Photograph Collection (183)
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Snapshot Collection (62)
Tough Dodger Signed Photos (17)
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Photos, Postcards & Exhibits (151)
Dodgers Signed Government Post Cards (50)
Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Postal Covers (80)
Signed Hall Of Fame Plaque Collection (130)
Brooklyn Dodgers No Hitters Signed Photo, Program & Ticket Stub Collection (11 pieces)
1940's-50's Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Photograph Collection (12)
Multi Signed Brooklyn Dodgers Photograph Collection (29)
Brooklyn Dodger Pennants (3)
Great New York Mets Autographed Collection (13)
1986 New York Mets World Series Signed Baseball, Champagne Bottle and Wind Sock
1940, '41, '47, '49, '52, '53, '55 & '56 Brooklyn Dodgers Black Bats
Autographed Ebbets Field Bat (34.5")
1952 & '53 Brooklyn Dodgers Signed Black Bats
1947 Montreal Royals Team Signed Baseball with Campanella
1949 All Stars Signed Baseball
Rabbit Maranville Signed Baseball
Bucky Harris Single Signed Baseball
Bill Klem Single Signed Baseball
Connie Mack Single Signed Baseball
Collection of Brooklyn Dodgers Schedules (46)