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1920's Louis Icart Signed Print
1929 One Thousand Dollar Bill
1971 Apollo XIV Space Flown Medal (1x1.5")
Apollo 16 Flown Medal with LOA from Astronaut Charles Duke
John F. Kennedy Signed Letter
Civil War Letter & Diary Collection
Kennedy-Johnson Political Pin
1967 President Charles DeGaulle Handwritten Note
1920's Marcus Garvey Button (1.25" diam.)
1861 Runaway Slave Wanted Poster (18x21" framed)
The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet (1866)
1860 & 1864 Abraham Lincoln Original Campaign Broadsides
1854 P.T. Barnum Handwritten Letter
1899 Teddy Roosevelt & Other Famous Letters Regarding Cuba
President Rutherford B. Hayes Signed Presidential Pardon
1776 Signed Tree Frank
Jean Sibelius by Yousuf Karsh
Oversized Teddy Roosevelt Photogravure Signed as President
President Taft Signed Photograph & Letter
The Slaying of John Dillinger Wire Photograph
Benito Mussolini Signed Photograph
1940's Franklin Delano Roosevelt Signed Photograph (7x9")
1930 Herbert Hoover Twice-Signed Book
Mussolini World War II "Dictator" Game
Harry Truman Signed Photograph Inscribed to the Governor of Maine
1950 John F. Kennedy Signed Letter
1956 John F. Kennedy for V.P. Campaign Button (2.25" diam.)
1960's Robert F. Kennedy Signed Photograph (8x10")
Fidel Castro & Nikita Kruschev Nodders (5" tall)
1929 Benito Mussolini Signed Photograph (9x13" framed)
1934 Orville Wright Signed Letter to Wilbur's Son
Lyndon Johnson Photograph Signed as President
Rare William Howard Taft Presidential Tin
The Highest Award Presented by the Vatican
Mid-1940's Herbert Hoover Signed Print (10x13")
1936 Hindenburg Souvenir Pennant (29")
Irving Berlin “White Christmas” Letter
Ernest Hemingway Banquet Photographs
1950’s Negro Jazz Painting (48x72”)
Douglas MacArthur Signed Letter
Astronauts Signed Photographs
1850’s Military Daguerreotype
Langston Hughes Signed Record
Irving Berlin “White Christmas” Letter
Ernest Hemingway Banquet Photographs
1950’s Negro Jazz Painting (48x72”)
Douglas MacArthur Signed Letter
Astronauts Signed Photographs
1850’s Military Daguerreotype
Langston Hughes Signed Record
Daguerreotype & Ambrotypes (7)
1880's Cuban “House” Humidor
Marvelous Collection of WWII Recruiting Posters (30)
The Titanic Maiden Voyage Advertising Poster
1890's Syphilis Museum Display
Che Guevara Signed Book
Presidential TLS Collection (8)
Playboy Slot Machine
Jacqueline Kennedy Photo and Lipstick
James Monroe & John Quincy Adams Signed Document (10x14")
Civil War Trunk Used by Lieutenant J.H. Baldwin
1834 Edmond Ruffin ALS
1912 Annie Oakley ALS
Jimmy Carter Pen That Signed Panama Canal Act
1929 Thomas Edison Golden Jubilee Light Display
1930s WPA “Pop Art” Sign
Hindenburg Graf Zeppelin Collection (5)
1912 Titanic Postcard Advertising Poster (22x15.5”)
Alcatraz Prison Rules and Regulations
George Gershwin Signed Photograph with Musical Quotation
JFK-Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination Photos
Russian Cosmonauts Signed Photos
Time Magazine Signed Covers
John F. Kennedy Signed Book
1929 Franklin D. Roosevelt TLS as Governor of New York
WWII Official Photographer's Collection including Judaica (1500+)
J.D. Salinger Signed Receipt
Jack Kerouac Signed Check
Signed Presidential Book Lot (11)
Presidential Signed Books, Clinton, Reagan and Carter
Woodrow Wilson Signed Menu
Rare Civil War Related Abraham Lincoln Signed Document
Uncle Sam WW II Recruitment Porcelain Sign
Andrew Johnson Impeachment Unused Ticket
Abraham Lincoln Campain Ribbon
Sam Houston ALS
Harry Truman Autograph Collection
1892 Republican Campaign Attire
Millard Fillmore Document
Calvin Coolidge Signed Book
Definitive 1854 Frederick Douglass "Men are Equal" Signed Quotation
1800's George Washington Oil Painting
Astronaut Autograph Collection
Lincoln Assassination Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln Handwritten Signed Note
Civil War Kosher Food Token
Holocaust Collection
Civil War Issue Unopened 1860's Playing Cards
1810 Napoleon Bonaparte Signed Handwritten Letter
Presidential Autograph Collection (8)
Andrew Jackson Signed Document
Famous JFK Jr. Salutes Father's Casket Wire Photo
Ruby Shoots Oswald Wire Photo
Princess Diana’s Dresses Auction Catalogue, 1997
Reagan, Bush And Ford Signed Letters To Jim Murray
Three Gerald Ford Signed Letters
1887 Buffalo Bill Wild West McLoughlin Full Color Litho Book
Adolf Hitler Signed Letter
Uncle Sam WWI Recruiting Poster
Robert Berks JFK Bust
Early 1900’s Wall Street Photographs
Fireman’s Bucket From Revolutionary War Soldier
George H. W. Bush And Bill Clinton Signed Pieces
Confederate Generals Of The Civil War Lithograph
JFK Initialed Cigar Case
1813 Francis Scott Key Letter
1889 Civil War Memorial Cane
1932 Gangsters
Lindy and the Spirit of St. Louis
Japanese War Criminal Mug Shots
MLK on the March
Segregation Banned
Apollo 11
Pearl Harbor Explodes
Pearl Harbor Death of the Arizona
Atomic Mushroom Cloud
MLK Arrested
Man on the Moon
Gandhi's Funeral
1882 Sitting Bull Cabinet Photo NRMT
Vintage Concentration Camp Photograph Collection (60)
1882 Sitting Bull Cabinet Photo NRMT
Buffalo Bill Cody ALS
Telegraph 1870s Occupational Shaving Mug
1883 Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies Invitation (6.5”x9”)
19th Century Robert E. Lee Photograph
1970's World Trade Center Pin (2.5")
70 oz. of Franklin Mint Silver
Harry Houdini and Blackstone Signed Program
1921 “Birth of Radio” Photo with Einstein, Steinmetz and Sarnoff (with Sarnoff Letter of Provenance)
Albert Einstein 1948 Photograph by Karsh
1820 General Marquis de Lafayette ALS
Alcatraz Prison Rules and Regulations
The Hindenburg Disaster Vintage Photograph
Amazing WW II Wire Photographs (38)
Charles Lindbergh <i>Spirit of St. Louis</i> Signed Print
1812 Napoleon Handwritten Letter with Important Military Content
1910s-60s Awesome Wire Photo Collection (900+)
Signed Calling Card and Business Card Collection (1486)
1912 Sinking of the Titanic Marconi Radiogram
Martin Luther King Original Photo
Colonial Currency Collection
1789 George Washington Inauguration Button
August 1776 Printings of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
1912 Titanic British Football Ticket
Lindbergh Kidnapping Official Trial Pass (Hauptmann Trial)
1865 Lincoln Assasination Conspirators Trial Pass
1930s WPA Folk Art Sign
1932 Prohibition Giant Beer Mug with FDR Campaign Promotion (10.5")
3000+ WWII Anti-Axis Patriotic First Day Covers & Envelopes
Surrender of General Lee Print
Amazing U.S. Grant Photograph with Composite Background
1912 Titanic Band Memorial Concert Program
Dealey Plaza (Grassy Knoll) White Picket Fence
1911 American Locomotive Company Bronze Plaque from a Train
Alan King 1949 Israeli Defense Force Bayonet
The Major Anthony S. Suglia Collection Presidential Collection (JFK/&LBJ/Ike)
1930s "Five Men of Destiny" Display Figures
Spectacular World War II Flyer Photographs (15)
Ruby Shooting Oswald 8x10 Framed Wire Photo
"Dewey Defeats Turman" Chicago Daily Tribune
Marquis de Lafayette Reverse on Glass Painted Silhouette
19th Century Hand Sewn United States Flag
Dutch Schultz Wanted Poster
Dutch Schultz D.O.A.
Charles Manson & Sharon Tate
Lone Eagle
Amelia Earhart
Thomas Alva Edison
Buffalo Bill Cody
Lucky Luciano
J.D. Salinger
Buffalo Bill Cody
1904 St. Louis Exposition
Sylvia Pankhurst
My Lai Massacre
Adolph Hitler Collection (23)
Diego Rivera
1906 San Francisco Earthquake (39)
Thomas Edison by Edwin Levick <i>Over One Thousand Patents, Early 20th Century</i>
Albert Einstein
Amelia Earhart Portrait
SFX Archive Historical Original Negatives (1741)
Normandie & The Mob
Fabulous Houdini Photograph Series (15)
Bonnie & Clyde
Ernest Hemingway
Rockefeller Center by Wendell MacRae (4)
Diego Rivera Original Glass Plate Negatives (4)
The Finest Hitler Signed Photograph Extant.
The Titanic Radio Operator Postcard (3.5x5.5")
Annie Oakley Advertising Booklet
1876 Jefferson Davis Signed Letter
1934 Five Hundred Dollar Federal Reserve Note
1934 One Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Poster
Civil War & U.S. Military Signed Handwritten Documents (12)
John F. Kennedy Assasination Collection (15)
1778 Printing of the Declaration of Independence and State Constitutions
Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition, 3rd Printing
James Montgomery Flagg "I Want You" WWII Army Poster (26x40")
19th Century “Battle of Gettysburg” Original Print (39x25”)
Three Watergate Autographs with ANGRY Spiro Agnew Letter (PSA/DNA)
1972 President Gerald R Ford Signed Letter
General John J. Pershing Signed Photo for Major Deegan (PSA/DNA)
Political, Military & Historical Collection (32)
CHARLES LINDBERGH (1902-1974)<br>Spirit of St Louis, 1927
HARRY HOUDINI (1874-1926)<br>Three images, 1920s
GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (1864-1943)<br>Scientist, 1937
SCOPE’S MONKEY TRIAL Evolution on Trial, 1925
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961)<br>Genius, 1930s
PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)<br>Cubist, 1954
CHARLES LINDBERGH (1902-1974)<br>Fly Boy, 1927
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Lawrence of Arabia, 1910s
DR. ALFRED KINSEY Kinsey Report, 1948
DIEGO RIVERA (1886-1957)<br>The Muralist, 1933
WARHOL ON ROSE Pop Art, 1985
THE HINDENBURG The Horror, 1937
ORVILLE WRIGHT (1871-1948)<br>Kitty Hawk, 1913
DR. CHARLES P. STEINMETZ (1865-1923)<br>Proteus, 1920s
HUGE COLLECTION (8,400+)<br><i>Mammoth collection, 1920s-1970s<i></i> </i>
SUFFRAGETTE Votes for Women, 1910s
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899-1961)<br>Papa, 1937
MICHAEL COLLINS (1890-1922)<br>IRA, 1924
CONEY ISLAND FIRE The Cyclone, 1944
MOUNT RUSHMORE Hall of Presidents, 1956
FREAKS Small Packages, 1920s
LOCHNESS MONSTER Fact or Fiction, 1960s
GEORGE M. COHAN (1878-1942)<br>Yankee Doddle Dandy, circa 1910
GLENN CURTISS (1878-1930)<br>First Hydroplane, 1911
THREE AVIATORS The Farman Machine, circa 1911
GENERAL “BLACKJACK” PERSHING (1860-1948)<br>Searching for Pancho, 1916
BERLIN WALL Making the Jump, 1961
GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER (1839-1876)<br>By Mathew Brady, 1870s
BUFFALO BILL CODY (1846-1917)<br>Wild West, circa 1910
CRIPPLE CREEK MINER’S STRIKE Colorado National Guard, 1903
DR. J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER (1904-1967)<br>Manhattan Project, 1947
GASTON CHEVROLET (1892-1920)<br>Frontenac, 1910s
ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987)<br>With His Work, 1969
PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)<br>With His Work, 1953
EVELYN NESBITT (1884-1967)<br>Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, 1910s
ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945)<br>Spectacular collection of images, 1930s-40s
NEGATIVES COLLECTION (1,800+)<br>Original Negatives, 1930s-1980s
1930s-1980s OVERSIZED PHOTOGRAPHS (1,300+)<br> Fabulous images, 1930s-1980s
CELEBRITIES (1,200)<br>Fabulous people & images, 1930s-1980s