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Americana Autographs

Jethro Tull Material (6)
Rock And Celebrity Autographed Panels (2) (30x40")
Jethro Tull Material (6)
Rock And Celebrity Autographed Panels (2) (30x40")
Bruce Springsteen E Street Band autographed Collection (3).
Elizabeth Taylor Signed Loan Receipt (16x23" framed)
Pete Townshend Eddie Vedder Signed Baseball
Teddy Roosevelt Signed Document
World Leaders Signed Time Magazines (125)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Book
Ernest Hemingway Inscribed First Edition For Whom The Bell Tolls
Biggest Man Who Ever Lived Signed Real Photo Postcards (2)
Presidential Handwritten Letter Collection (5)
Presidential Signed Photographs (4)
John F. Kennedy Jr. Single Signed Baseball
Jackie Kennedy 1967 Cambodian Trip Programs & Souvenirs
1899-1900 William McKinley Signed Proclamations to General Patton's Father (2)
Jack Haley Signed Checks (101)
Amazing Walter E. Disney Signed Check
Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz Signed Check Collection (46)
W.C. Fields Signed Checks (5)
Astronaut Jim Irwin Signed Checks (39)
Clark Gable Signed Checks
Jack London Signed Checks (13)
Jack Ruby Signed Checks (11)
Ben Hogan Signed Checks (10)
President Truman Checks (4)
Orville Wright Signed Checks (3)
Mae West Signed Checks (22)
Walt Whitman Signed Check
Woodrow Wilson Signed Check
1797 George Washington Handwriting
Gustav Klimt Signed Picture Postcard (3.5x5.5")
Charles “Lucky” Luciano Autograph Letter Signed
Malcolm X TLS
George S. Patton “Colored Population” TLS
1910 General George S. Patton ALS
1884 Sitting Bull Signed Check
1964 Martin Luther King TLS w/ I Have A Dream Content
John Gotti Signed Drawing
19th Century Regina Music Box
Gerald Ford Signed Richard Nixon Pardon (8.5x11")
Lee Harvey Oswald Handcuffs and Historic Dallas Police Memorabilia
2nd Annual HOF Signed Program (8.5x12")
Albert Einstein Handwritten Derivation of General Relativity
Presidential Signed Baseballs & Covers (4)
1890's Uncle Tom’s Cabin Poster (21x28")
1820 General Marquis de Lafayette ALS
John F. Kennedy Dallas Assasination Newspaper
1902 W.H. Jackson Mammoth Plate Photochrome
July 17, 1912 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Letter
Gerald Ford Bicentennial Signed Coin Set (3)
19th Century Political Autograph Books including 5 Presidents (3)
Gerald Ford & Earl Warren Signed Commission Report on Kennedy Assassination
President Zachary Taylor Signed 1850 Appointment
President Ulysses S. Grant Signed 1875 Appointment
Thomas Edison Signed Guest Book From Glenmont
Helen Keller Signed Letters (3)
Giacomo Puccini Autograph Letter Signed
1827 Charles Carroll ALS Written as Sole Surviving Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Photograph (16x20")
1822 Zachary Taylor ALS
1732 Flattbush NY Land Indenture from Original Dutch Settlers
1864 Confederate Bearer Bond Loan with Coupons Attached
A Perfect Geronimo Signature
Heinrich Himmler Signed Letter
January 1970 Alvin Karpas TLS
Amelia Earhart Signed Book
Signed Authors Book Lot (50)
Signed Entertainment Books (100)
1942-43 George Burns/Gracie Allen Signed Checks (100)
Enormous Music & Entertainment Signed Photo Collection (370)
Teen Heartthrobs of the 50's and 60's
Amazing Charles Darwin Handwritten "Origin of the Species" Letter with "Cloning" Content
Menendez Brothers Autographs
Thomas Edison Historic Signed Guest Book from Glenmont
Charles Lindbergh Exceptional Signed Photograph
Albert Einstein Letter
Clarence Darrow Signed Letter and Sketch
Official Civil War Signed Documents
Franz Liszt Handwritten Signed Letter with Quotation
Historical Document Collection
Picasso Signed Book
Autographed Guitar Pick Guards (6)
AC DC Autograph Lot (3)
Howard Stern Autograph set (3)
Amelia Earhardt Signed Book
Two Bound Volumes of Signatures for “The Portraits of the Presidents”
Incredible Napoleonica Autograph Collection (1000+)
1948 Thomas Mann Handwritten And Signed Letter
Vintage Alan Shepard Signed Photo
1954 Marlon Brando Letter And Correspondence
1923 Harry Houdini Autographed Book
Serial Killer Letter Collection Of 28 Including Charles Manson, Squeaky Fromme And “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz
Clark Gable As Southern Gentleman (AKA Rhett Butler) Signed Photo
Bogart & Bacall 11 x 14 Vintage Signed Photos (2)
George And Ira Gershwin Original Photo And Autographs
1954 Frank Sinatra Signed Contract
Margaret Hamilton And Ray Bolger Signed Wizard Of Oz Photo
Pope Pius IX Photograph With Signature, Dated 1875

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