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19th Century Political Autograph Books including 5 Presidents (3)

19th Century Political Autograph Books including 5 Presidents (3)

An incredible collection of three 19th Century Political Autograph books, containing 954 important political signatures of the era including 5 Presidents, Cabinet members, Congressman, Senators, Generals, Ambassadors, and Justices of the Supreme Court. The collection includes: “Autographs of the 35th Congress” (1857-1859), 305 signatures in total including: Stephen A. Douglas 1813-1861, Lincoln’s political nemesis; Sam Houston 1793-1863, Hero of Texas; Jefferson Davis 1808-1889, President of the Confederacy; Judah Benjamin 1811-1884, Jewish Confederate Secretary of War; Andrew Johnson 1808-1875, 17th President of the United States; Hannibal Hamlin 1809-1891, Lincoln’s Vice President; William Seward 1801-1872, Lincoln’s Secretary of State; also includes B.F. Wade, W.P. Fessenden, Simon Cameron, J.J. Crittenden, R. Toombs, James Clay, J. Letcher and Schuyler Colfax. “Autographs of the 37th Congress” (1861-1863), 234 signatures in total including: John T. Stuart 1807-1885, Lincoln’s first law partner; James Garfield 1831-1881, 20th President of the United States; also includes Schuyler Colfax, J.G. Blaine, Hannibal Hamlin, W.P. Fessenden, James Harlan, Charles Sumner and B. Wood. “Autographs of the 48th Congress” (1883-1885), 415 signatures in total including: Chester A. Arthur 1829-1886, 21st President of the United States; Benjamin Harrison 1833-1901, 23rd President of the United States; William McKinley 1843-1901, 25th President of the United States; Robert Todd Lincoln 1843-1926, First born son of Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of War; also includes Justices of the Supreme Court, Woods, Harlan, Bradley, Firld, Miller and Waite. The books are in overall EX-MT condition with dark fountain pen signatures averaging “9/10".

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