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A Perfect Geronimo Signature

A Perfect Geronimo Signature

A very rare and nearly perfect signature of the legendary Apache leader and medicine man, who led raids into Arizona and New Mexico in the 1880s and gave the U.S. Cavalry the slip until he was eventually apprehended and sent to prison until his death in 1909. A larger than life figure in history and a subject of fascination to this day, his name has probably been shouted by anyone who ever jumped out of a plane. The signature appears in simple but carefully fashioned block letter in pencil, adorning a yellowed sheet that shows through a cutout in a handsome cream colored backdrop. It's preserved under glass in a MT condition, 6 x 11" mock wood display that was framed in the 1930s. Sharing the display is a similarly perfect signature of author W. Somerset Maugham ("Of Human Bondage") on blue paper.

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