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In Person Signed Don Knotts Photographs as Barney Fife (180)

In Person Signed Don Knotts Photographs as Barney Fife (180)

Another collection from the late, great Don Knotts/Barney Fife file. These 8 x 10” b + w glossies (180) perfectly capture that look that audiences of the shaking deputy from Mayberry came to love and laugh at. Photo shows Barn’s eyes and mouth open with shock and surprise. It’s easy to imagine a scene of Barney happening upon what he mistakenly believes is a major crime wave in the town where you couldn’t even find a piece of litter on the streets. If someone had made the tragic transgression of littering you can be certain that Clara would have made sure it would never happen again. Then again, it could also be that Barney’s look is in response to the advances of a woman. He reacted the same way to imaginary crime waves as he did to the advances of a loose city woman. In any case, it really doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that Barney rocks. Glossies come signed by both Barney and Don in blue marker.

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