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Memorabilia Other

Braddock ALS from wife Mae
Braddock ALS from wife Mae
Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Bobbin Head
Rocky Marciano Boxing Negatives by Ozzie Sweet (3)
Lloyd Mangrum Golfer Negative by Ozzie Sweet
Raging Bull Signed Poster
George Forman Vs. Tommy Morrison Fight Promotional Poster
1969 Mario Andretti F1 Auto Racing Race Worn Suit.
1971 Baltimore Bullets Champions Stadium Banner
Wilt Chamberlain Stilt Record Label Acetate & More
1992 Kansas Jay Hawks Aloha Bowl Championship Ring
Lew Alcindor UCLA College Basketball Collection (11 pieces)
1975 Bing Crosby's Pebble Beach PRO/AM Johnny Walker Trophy
(5)1960's NBA Basketball Pennant Collection
(4) Vintage Glass and Ceramic Basketball Memorabilia Lot
1930s Chicago Bruins v Akron Firestones Baskeball Broadside
1930s House of David Basketball Broadside
1950s Bob Cousy PF Flyer Basketball Shoes Ad Sign
Rare 1955 Zollner Pistons NBA Basketball Board Game
1920/30s Cleveland Rosenblums Champs Basketball Patch
Basketball Poster and Display Collection (4)
Better Basketball Yearbook and Programs (9)
Red Auerbach Pewter Presentational Tray by Balfour
Group Of Nine Jack Dempsey Vintage Photographs
Joe Louis Trains for James J. Braddock Fight Photo (1937)
2005-06 Sidney Crosby Game Model Penguins Hockey Jersey
Francis Ouimet and Jack Westland Golf News Service Photo(1931)
Francis Ouimet at National Amateurs Golf News Service Photo (1940)
1940 "Checking up on those Precious Legs" Seabiscuit Horseracing News Service Photo
Boxing Champ Gene Tunney and George Bernard Shaw Photo Lot(3)
Boxer Mickey Walker News Photo Collection (18)
Helens Wills Original Glass Plate Negatives (68 negs)
Definitive Bill Tilden Tennis Great Original Negative (circa 1930)*
Golfer Lawson Little Original Negatives (13 negs)
1930s Max Baer Boxing Original Glass Plate Negatives (95 negs)
Dempsey v. Tunney Photographic Panorama (1927)
1939 Bob Fitzsimmons Boxing Color Print
19th Century Boxing Shoes
1899 America's Cup Booklet
(6) 1991 Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield World Heavyweight Boxing Poster Lot
1936 Boxing Champions Poster
Boxer Jake & Vicki LaMotta Photos (4)
Jake LaMotta Ring Action Photos (10)
Jake LaMotta Weigh-ins (5)
LaMotta Wins Title from Marcel Cerdan (4)
Boxer Jake LaMotta Throws Fight Wire Photo Lot(4)
Olympian Bob Mathias Throwing Disc Photo(1959)
Tom Sharkey Boxing Photos (9)
Boxing Great Tom Sharkey Working Out Photo (1939)
Tom Sharkey With Boxing Gloves (1937)
Al Capone Jr. & Jack Sharkey (1930)
Sam Snead & Jimmy Thomson (1937)
Olympic Swimmer and Surfer Duke Kahanamoku Arrested Photo(1937)
American Olympic Swimmers Sail For France News Service Photo (1924)
Golfers Dollars For Defense News Service Photo(1941)
Boxer Tom Sharkey News Service Photo(1945)
1953 Gordie Howe
Robinson and LaMotta boxing photos (2)
Joe & Marva Go West To Watch Baseball Champions
"Joe Can Smile" Photo (1930)
Converting Store to Ticket Window - For Louis Fight (1935)
Joe Louis "Awaiting the Bell" Photo (1938)
Joe Louis In The Ring (1946)
Louis and Savold "How They Shape Up For Heavyweight Bout" (1951)
Jack Sharkey Training Camp Boxing News Service Photo (3)
Sharkey and Carnera Boxing Photo Lot (5)
1932 Jack Sharkey v. Max Schmeling Boxing Photos (4 photos)
Sharkey and Dempsey Boxign News Service Photos (3)
Boxer Davey Moore Dies Photograph Collection (11)
Boxer Jack Sharkey News Service Photo (7)
Boxer Jack Sharkey Meets Joe Louis Photos (3)
Boxer Jack Sharkey Photograph Collection (5 pieces)
Boxer Tom Sharkey at the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition (3 photos)
Walter Winchell & Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson News Service Photo (1951)
Profiting Pair (1952)
1933 Boxer Ernie Schaaf’s Body Leaves Hospital News Service Photo
Ed Montague & Joe Cronin Baseball Photo (1931)
Boxer Tom Sharkey as “Cavalcade Strong Man” Photo (1939)
Scene of Gans vs. Nelson Bout Boxing Photo Postcard (1958)
“The Champion” Jack Sharkey Boxing Photo (1932)
"Big O" Oscar Robertson in Basketball's Dixie Classic Wire Photo(1958)
Bobby Jones 1945 Golf Glass Negative
1945 Bobby Jones Golf Negative
Bobby Jones & Glenn A. Collett Glass negative 1930's
Bobby Jones & W. Woodfeld Glass Negative (1945)
Bobby Jones & Jack Neville Glass Negative (1930's)
Willie Pep Boxing Photo Lot (30)
Joe Louis Wears a Crown (1935)
The Brown Bomber Joe Louis Really Can Smile (1935)
Joe Louis & Al Ettore Boxing Photo
Joe Louis The Army Takes The Champ's Measure (1942)
Going Down Joe Louis vs. Buddy Bear (1942)
1946 Joe Louis (Champ's Reaction)
The Brown Bomber in a Bomber (1941)
Joe Louis "The Champ Misses One" Playing Baseball (1939)
1946 NBA Basketball All Star Game with George Mikan Wire Photo
The First Dream Team - 1936 McPherson Oilers Basketball News Service Photo
Triple Sequence Ali v. Liston Boxing Wire Photos (2)
Bill Walton College Basketball Wire Photo Collection (9 photos)
Max Baer KO’s Primo Carnera Boxing Photo(1935)

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