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Statue of Liberty Photographs from SFX Archives (37)

Statue of Liberty Photographs from SFX Archives (37)

What an incredible collection of images chronicling the life of Lady Liberty. The bulk of the wire photographs (80%) date from the 1940's through the 1960's with a few earlier and some later. The photos range in size from 7 x 9" to 8 x 10' with 90% being 8 x 10" photographs. Several of the images are of the dilapidated Bedloe's Island, home of the Statue of Liberty, to demonstrate to the Congressional appropriations committee the need for a 1 million in funds to help with the clean-up and restoration. Some of the more notable images are a 1992 reproduction of a photograph of Lady Liberty being packaged up in Paris before shipment to the U.S., and another of her glowing torch burning bright amongst the darkness of the 1965 New York City blackout. The condition of the photographs varies with 15% G, 70% VG and 15% EX due to age discoloration, wrinkling and editorial markings.

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