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Mike Tyson vs. Peter "Hurricane" McNeely Fight Poster

Mike Tyson vs. Peter "Hurricane" McNeely Fight Poster

<p><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Mike Tyson was released from prison in early 1995 and the boxing world wasn't yet sure if he was going to return to the ring.&nbsp; On March 29th however, he held a short press conference and announced that he was going to return with help of his promoter Don King.&nbsp; His next fight was one of the most anticipated of all time and even broke the previous Pay-Per-View record.&nbsp; The fight was to take place on August 19, 1995 versus the relatively unknown Peter "Hurricane" McNeeley.&nbsp; From the first bell, McNeeley came at Tyson like a "hurricane" but was quickly knocked down.&nbsp; After a standing eight count, he went after him again, and was quickly knocked down.&nbsp; This time though it was over, after only 89 seconds.&nbsp; From this highly anticipated and quick match comes this 21 x 38" colorful plastic advertising piece.&nbsp; Features and image of Tyson with his arms crossed and appears to be waiting for the fight to start.&nbsp; EX&nbsp;</span></p> <p>Size: js</p>

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