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Muhammad Ali- Athlete of the Century by Leroy Neiman

Muhammad Ali- Athlete of the Century by Leroy Neiman

In this serigraph the undisputed champion of the art of sports pays homage to Muhammad Ali. The serigraph derives from the artist's larger-than-life oil painting of Ali. Based on sketches made in 1964, the transition period when then Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, it was also the time of Ali's two historic fights with Sonny Liston. This is Ali as he looked at the age of 22, a new champion just coming into his prime. The print bursts with color and vitality and brings to life the Ali who, "floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee." In Neiman's own words, "All of my experiences and observations of Ali are summed up in this portrait. This painting is for me the quintessential, colorful, confident Ali. It shows his fighting face, with that theatrical flair, that is so familiar to the world and epitomizes a career that extended to a public far beyond the boxing ring. He was fast with his rhetoric and swift with his fists, and the intent of the painting and print is to emphasize his boundless energy." Numbered 846/850. Signed by Muhammad Ali and Leroy Neiman in white border in pencil. 42x28". NRMT.

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