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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Prison ID

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Prison ID

Best of the Best. Ruben Carter signed New Jersey State Prison identification card # 45472, dated January 1, 1977. LOA signed by Terry and Sam Chaiton, friends of Carter. LOA reads, " This identification card was given to us by Rubin Carter as a result of our friendship and role in obtaining Rubin's release from prison. Rubin's ID # was used in the title of his autobiography 'The 16th. Round From Number 1 Contender To Number 45472.' "The LOA continues, "We have documented the story in our book 'Lazarus And The Hurricane.' Our relationship with Rubin was also detailed in the Norman Jewison directed movie 'Hurricane.' " ID card measures 2.13x3.25", in plastic at 2.25x3.63". Bob Dylan wrote a protest song called "Hurricane." The song alleged racism and profiling as causes of Carter's false trail and conviction, along with John Artis, for a triple murder in 1966 in a Paterson bar. Dylan visited Carter in the Rahway State Prison in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. Dylan became convinced of Carter's innocence. In Dylan's 1975 song, the lyrics state, "Pistol shots ring out in a barroom night.... Here comes the story of the Hurricane." The song rose to #33 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the song helped to galvanize support for Carter that led to his release in 1985 from prison. Dylan and Carter became friends and remained so. Comes with signed book written by Sam and Terry Chaiton, "Lazarus And The Hurricane." The Carter prison ID is in excellent condition and includes a 1x1.25" color photo of Carter and his signature as "Rubin Hurricane Carter."

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