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Vintage Autographed Baseball Collection (15) with 3 Yankee Team Balls

Vintage Autographed Baseball Collection (15) with 3 Yankee Team Balls

Superlative collection of 15 rare, signed vintage balls dating back to the '20s. A wealth of some real esoterica, all terrific finds. Includes 3 hard to find Yankee balls. 1936 -- 23 sigs, Gehrig on SS, DiMaggio on side panel, McCarthy (clubhouse), Gomez, Rolfe, Ruffing, Dickey, Crosetti, Pearson, Hadley, Malone (very tough), Brown, Wicker, Selkirk, Jergens, etc. Sigs G-VG, most light. OAL (Harridge) G w/light toning. 1938 -- 22 sigs, McCarthy (clubhouse) on SS, Gehrig (clubhouse), DiMaggio, Ruffing, Rolfe, Murphy, Gordon, Chandler, Selkirk, Henrich, Sundra (tough), etc. Sigs G-VG. OAL (Harridge) VG w/lightly toned. 1941 -- 27 sigs, DiMaggio & Bordagaray on SS, Gomez, Dickey, Keller, Murphy, Rizzuto, Ruffing, Gordon, etc. Sigs VG-EX. OAL (Harridge) EX w/ shellacked. Great keeper is a single signed George Sisler w/G signature on SS in an OAL Ball (Johnson), G-VG, medium toning. Other signatures on ball are faded. /10 signature on panel. ONL ball, VG-EX, light soling. Other signatures have faded; at one time may have been a Cardinal signed ball. Also included is a 1937 White Sox ball -- 19 sigs including Appling, Bonura, Sewell, Haas, Dykes, Webb, Shea, etc. Sigs EX-MT, OAL (Harridge) EX, shellacked; an 1982 Cardinals ball -- 8 sigs including Hernandez, O. Smith, L. Smith, Kittle, etc. Sigs VG. Official 1982 World Series ball is NRMT; a 1985 Cardinals ball -- 25 sigs including Worrell, Ford, Landrum, Lanier, Porter, etc. Sigs G-VG. Official 1985 World Series ball EX; a 1985 K.C. Royals ball -- 29 sigs including Howser (SS), Brett, White, May, Ferraro, Liebrandt, Farr, etc. Sigs G. Official 1985 World Series Ball EX. Also: 2 single signed Musials (Stan the Man Pro Leaguer, Boy's League, sigs light, balls G) and Musial, Berra, Garagiola (Stan the Man Pro Leaguer, sigs EX, ball EX); single-signed Charlie Robertson (1919-28; died 1996), single-signed Milt Gaston (1924-34; died 1996), single-signed Ray Blades ('22-32; died 1979), and one for the super sleuths, an unknown signed Official NL Ball (G-VG) with traces of 3 signatures we cannot determine. Awesome display balls, suitable for an entire shelf.

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