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1930s-40s Letters to Babe Ruth w/His Premature Death (11)

1930s-40s Letters to Babe Ruth w/His Premature Death (11)

Rare group of letters written to Babe Ruth with various invitations to attend & appear at events. Interestingly, our research later found that the Babe at the behest of his agent Christy Walsh was at times paid significant fees for these events. 1) Letter written by Robert Ripley "Believe It Or Not" asking Ruth to attend a charity softball game. "Roosevelt, Rickenbacker, Dewey and Tunney have already agreed to play." 2) Letter from YMCA thanking Ruth for not drinking in front of children. "Most men have a little power of example." 3) Invite to Montclair NJ County Fair to raise money for underprivileged children. 4) Questionnaire from San Diego High School editor to ask Ruth's opinion on Ted Williams and "night ball." 5) 1939 invitation to sports rally that unites "Catholics, Jews and Protestants." 6) 1939 Bill Coughlin Dinner invite written by William Seaman. 7) Corporate communication breakfast with handwritten note (not Ruth), "Sorry - Impossible." 8) Letter from the Boy Scouts of America asking Ruth to come and speak. 9) 1936 Leslie Mann letter on American Baseball Congress stationary, asking to help raise money. 10) 1939 Boys Town letter asking Ruth to attend an "informal affair." 11) 1942 letter explaining Babe Ruth's death was prematurely reported. Fascinating!From the estate of Joe Bihler, the right hand man of Babe Ruth's agent Christy Walsh and in turn Ruth himself.

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