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Beatles Butcher Cover Slick

Beatles Butcher Cover Slick

Precious Capitol Records prototype of the infamous "butcher" or "first" cover of the "The Beatles Yesterday and Today" album that caused such a stink that early copies were yanked and replaced with a cover of the group around a steamer trunk. The fascinatingly repulsive shot of the boys "hamming" it up in white butcher smocks, their laps filled with slabs of raw meat and decapitated dolls, was, ironically, never destroyed, as 750,000 of them went back out with the new covers pasted over them (if only we knew it at the time). Contrary to myth, the butcher idea wasn't the Beatles' (to protest Capitol "butchering" their songs) but rather Capitol's! The 13 x 13" screened slick is NRMT -- and classic Beatles mythology.

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