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Beatles Harmonicas Original "Error" Boxes (7)

Beatles Harmonicas Original "Error" Boxes (7)

Collection of 7 Beatles Harmonica boxes -- known to collectors for the screw-up on the box top. Issued by the M. Hohner Co. in the mid-'60s, the boxes and harmomicas (not included here) were attached to a 7 x 11" open-up display card with a group shot of the boys on the front and songs and music on the inside. The screw-up was that Paul McCartney's facismile signature is under George Harrison's image, and vice versa. While the <i>correct</i> version is actually rarer today, due to the large number of the mistake boxes that went out before the correction was made, the "originals" are still a must-have for collectors. All 7 here are NRMT with almost no damage either on the exterior or yellow interior. There are no Beatles mistakes, only Beatles "rarities."

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