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Cardinals Bullpen Cleat Cleaner

Cardinals Bullpen Cleat Cleaner

The life of a relief pitcher is feast or famine. If he comes in and puts out the fire he’s a hero. The media will trumpet his accomplishment. However, if he happens to give up a hit, even a dribbler, and the team loses, he is villified. They sit out in the bullpen and when the situation arises, like the gunfighters of the old West, they do battle with the evil enemy. Before entering the game they clean their cleats with wire bristle mounted on a board in the bullpen to ensure a good grip of the pitching rubber. Iringhausen, Eck, Lee Smith, Worrell and Sutter may have toed this cleat cleaner. Now you can too. Measures 24 x 9 x 5.” <br>(Estimate $100 - $200)

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