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Kirk Douglas High School Yearbook

Kirk Douglas High School Yearbook

Kirk Douglas (Isadore Demsky in high school) 1934 Wilbur H. Lynch High School, Amsterdam, NY This is a VERY, VERY tough book to find in decent shape for several reasons: it has a soft cover and was produced in 1934 (during the depression and pre-WWII; it is a non-standard OVERsized page of 9 x 12 and therefore when stored was subject to major damage. This particular copy is not only in superb shape, but it is in astounding shape to have survived almost 70 years. It has the most minor of nicks and a small tear on the paperback spine and on the edges of the front cover. There are a few 1/4-1 inch cuts on a few pages (barely noticeable). Someone with long fingernails must have touched near the mid/bottom of Kirk's senior photo as there is a slight indentation marking on that particular photo. However, none of any of this detracts from the book or interferes in any way with his multitude of great photos! The original owner's name is written lightly on the front cover and again on the blank inside facing page and then there are no other markings whatsoever. The pages are clean, glossy and without damage. As a "bonus" Kirk was on the yearbook staff which makes the book that much more of an intimate Kirk Douglas collectible. He makes his first photo appearance with a beaming posed Senior head photo in the graduating Seniors section and is nicknamed "Izzy" and has the longest activity list of any of the seniors!! For trivia buffs, he was voted Best Actor and Best "Line Boy" and was 2nd. in the voting for Most Popular and curiously, Most Snobbish! He then has an almost full-page Essay (2nd. Prize) called "The Play's the Thing" in which he discusses Ibsen , etc. He was class Treasurer and is throughout the text of the yearbook in addition to the following GREAT photos of him: *Senior Play cast, clear, front and center in tux and bowtie *6 Photos on one page all with him included as part of a piece he wrote called "Backstage with Izzy" *Business Manager of the school newspaper, in a large group shot where he is crisp, clear and large *Business Manager of the yearbook staff, again as above, except in this one his letter sweater is fully visible *Alpha Beta Gamma group school fraternity; again prominent with his head seemingly twice the size of the others. *Boys' Hi-Y as Vice President, he is smaller in a larger group shot ****Cheerleader!! Aside from his posed photo this is by far the best shot in the book as "Izzy" is one of four "rah rahs" show in a huge photo<b> </b>

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