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Mickey Mantle High School Yearbooks (3)

Mickey Mantle High School Yearbooks (3)

Mickey Mantle Sophomore, Junior and Senior 3 book set Commerce High School, Commerce, OK. The 1949 Senior yearbook is in basically excellent, albeit normally worn shape. The one exception is that the contents are starting to come loose from the binding/cover which has caused some minor surface creases near the inside of some pages. This does not impact any of Mick's photos, which are all perfect. The contents are still attached by the endpapers to the cover. There is no writing in the book at all, there is no water/moisture damage of any kind and there are no cutouts, torn or missing pages! There were 41 people in the Mick's Senior class, 19 males and he was NOT voted Best Athlete, but rather "Most Popular." There are many wonderful photos of him in the book including his great posed Senior head photo, an individual head photo of him as assistant editor of the Newspaper along with a staff group shot, a photo as Most Popular, team and individual football photos, basketball team photo, Pre-Engineers club photo and as part of the cast of the Senior Play!! The 1948 Junior yearbook is also in basically excellent condition, but does have signatures from some class members (none of which come anywhere near any of Mick's photos.) The former owner has written his name on the front endpaper and there are some stray, but light, pencil marks on the front and rear endpapers (probably erasable, but has not been touched)! The pages are excellent except for one which has a 1/2" spot on it (perhaps a drop of coffee). Again this is not anywhere near Mick's photo. There is no moisture/water damage of any kind, and there are no cutouts, torn or missing pages. He has a great posed head photo as a Junior, a great "candid," a shot of him on the "B" squad football team, and a really great shot of him on the basketball team. The 1947 Sophomore yearbook is soft-covered and held together with two "tabs." The soft cover shows staining on the front and a lot of wear with major chipping on the spine and tattered front edge. The inside of the book is excellent+, as the thin paper used in this book is normally prone to major damage, but these pages exhibit almost no wear and minimal chips or age staining near the bottom edges on some of the back pages. Very few of this particular book have survived overall with the innards in as excellent condition as this one due to the soft-cover and fragile nature of the paper. Mick shows up with a posed Sophomore head photo, a smiling candid and on both the group football and basketball teams (notable in that he is by far the smallest on both teams!!) With high school yearbooks, normally the Senior year is considered the most desirable (and thus the most valuable); however this Sophomore book for Mick is notable for having his first "published" photos ever and also because the book is much, much more difficult to find than the Senior or Junior books due to the fragile nature of the cover and pages.<b> </b>

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Mickey Mantle High School Yearbooks (3)
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