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Mike Schmidt High School Yearbook

Mike Schmidt High School Yearbook

Mike Schmidt Senior Yearbook 1967 Fairview High School, Dayton, OH. This book is in excellent condition with no material defects. There are the usual inscriptions throughout the book but there is no evidence of moisture damage, no cutouts, no torn or missing pages and cover and binding are in good shape (although the contrasting light color on the cover has faded as is the case on every example of this book I have seen). Mike (500 HR Club) Schmidt makes his first appearance in the Seniors section with a crisp and clear posed, individual head photo which is accompanied by his activities list. He next shows up in 3 clear group photos respectively of the School Grounds Monitors, the Varsity "F" Group and the Coin Club!! Moving to the Sports Section we find Mike (as expected) at the center of a nice clear, close shot of the baseball team and then featured in three shots in the basketball section, two of which are individual photos (one "in action" and one posed as Honorable Mention All City). This book only features the lower classes in activity shots and has NO photos of Juniors and a fairly thin book and probably was only bought by the Seniors that year.<b> </b>

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