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Moe Berg Handwriting and Paper Ephemera Collection of 1000+

Moe Berg Handwriting and Paper Ephemera Collection of 1000+

A massive amount of paperwork, letters, cards, books and other assorted ephemera, formerly the property of Moe Berg. Over 320 different pages, notes, scraps with handwriting of Berg’s in fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil; many during the war years. Some of the content includes “nuclear fission”, “thermal neutrons”, “when Rome fell, flew at once to Rome” and “Warren Spahn”, “free swinger or chop hitters, which prefer?”. There are dozens of short notes and reminders to himself. Over 150 of the 300 pages are parts of three different notebooks from Princeton filled on both sides with beautiful handwriting. Very neat group of eight small sheets affixed to newer 8.5 x 11" paper with baseball terms and their Japanese translations: First Base, "Ichi Rui"; Slide, "Suberi Masu", etc. None of these writings are signed. Overall condition is VG. Five signed personal checks, cancellations affect all to different degrees (VGEX). Moe’s personal phone book with numbers throughout the world; Several memo books from the early 1960’s with jottings from Berg all over. Other cool stuff: About a dozen very interesting handbooks, including RESTRICTED-War Department Military Intelligence Field Manual from 1942, 1945 La Bomba Atomica, 1945 Splitting The Atom, 1951 Toward A Russian Policy, Atom Del Radio and Alla Bomba Nucleare. Loads of clippings from newspapers regarding Moe and his teammates, including some Japanese versions. “Empresses of the Pacific” program (this was the ship used for the 1934 Tour of Japan). Also, two dozen Japanese coins on a vintage chain; his personal compass; over 60 postcards from all over the world, about half sent to Berg, and half saved by Berg. Six sheets of unused “M.Berg” stationery. A few "Morris Berg" business cards. His 1934 Income Tax Return (he made $8505.10), not signed. Many business cards from acquaintances over the years, as well as a volume of correspondence to Berg from U.S Government, some marked “SECRET”. There are over 1,000 pieces in this collection, with many hidden gems throughout. Overall condition is Very Good to Excellent. If you're fascinated by Moe Berg, like many of us, this lot is definitely for you!!!

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