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Superb Moe Berg Photograph Collection Of 600+

Superb Moe Berg Photograph Collection Of 600+

An amazing grouping of more than 600 assorted photos from all eras of Moe Berg's life. Over 400 are first generation images, in all sizes, and came directly from the Berg family, in particular, his brother Sam. Some of the highlights: In the winter of 1932, Berg, Ted Lyons and Lefty O’Doul went over to Japan to tour six major universities and teach the game. 15 terrific photos from that jaunt are here: small team photo, posed with Japanese players, out in public with geishas present, etc. 1934 Tour of Japan stuff: 4 x 10” panoramic photo of all of the players on the ship in Hawaii wearing leis; 6 x 8” team photo in uniform. Excellent shape, with tape on corners; 4 x 6” image of Berg with others in Japan, including Foxx; 5 x 7” of several of the players in kimonos, including Ruth, Gehrig and Berg; 4 x 6” of Tour Members in suits on boat arriving in Japan, with Ruth, Gehrig and Mack; a few of Berg showing Japanese ballplayers American techniques; a pair of 4 x 5” sepia photos of Berg, Ruth posed with Japanese businessmen. Other baseball shots: a couple of dozen great wires and press photos of Moe in uniform as a White Sox, Indian and Red Sox. Some nice ones posed as catcher. Several Burke-like 8 x 10s from 1938 of Berg in his Boston attire; a beautiful 7 x 10” studio portrait of Berg after graduating from Princeton; two cabinet photos of a young Morris, around age five; 5.5 x 8.5” class portrait of Berg and sixty other schoolmates, circa age 14; a KILLER Barringer HS baseball team photograph (8 x 10”) in Excellent condition; Many photographs of Berg in the Swiss Alps, sizes range from snapshots to 8 x 10s. Dozens of original images of Berg's relatives as well. Also, a number of pics of Paul Scherrer, Swiss physicist, whom Berg befriended around wartime. Not to be forgotten, some wonderful scenery shots taken by Moe Berg himself on his many trips throughout the world. It just goes on, and on, and on. Also, over 200 second-generation photos of Berg, his 1934 Japan Tour teammates, friends, relatives and places of interest as well. Truly an amazing lot that will keep your interest for months.

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