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Pair of Babe & Claire Ruth 1936 Income Tax Questionnaires (4 pages)

Pair of Babe & Claire Ruth 1936 Income Tax Questionnaires (4 pages)

<p>Fascinating behind-the-scenes look. This pair of income tax questionnaires was for 1936. Each page measures 11x14" and is an unsigned duplicate. Babe's questionnaire shows his return address as 235 East 45th Street in New York City, the offices of the Christy Walsh Syndicate. Christy Walsh handled Ruth's finances and personal appearances. It shows Ruth's total income for 1936 as $18,137.44. That would be worth about $330,000 in today's dollars. Quite a comedown for the Bambino from his playing salary. Claire Ruth is listed as living at the Ruth Residence at 172 Riverside Drive in New York City, and her income is listed as $10,000. Babe, though retired, lists his occupation as "ballplayer." Ruth's last playing season was 1935 when he played a mere 28 games for the Boston Braves. Ruth deducted $10,000 as a business expense for payment to his wife as his secretary. Ruth also deducted $5,200.00 for "photographs and other items necessary for advertising." Both of the above deductions was questioned by the Internal Revenue Service and Ruth later offered a detailed explanation. Ruth also deducted $13.20 for rent of a safe deposit box. Wonder what was in there. The pages are folded and have a small partial tear along the fold but are intact. Otherwise, condition is excellent.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">T</span><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">his collection is originally from Babe Ruth&rsquo;s right hand man: Mr. Joe Bihler. Bihler handled personally the Babe Ruth account for christy Walsh, Babe Ruth&rsquo;s legendary agent. Bihler &amp; Walsh took loving care of the Babe from the peak of his playing career, till his final years.&nbsp;</span><br style="font-size: 13.3333px;"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">Along with their #1 client Babe Ruth, Walsh &amp; Bihler represented most of the major sports legends over their careers including lou Gehrig, ty cobb, Knute Rockne, John McGraw and many more in a myriad of different sports. These important documents are fascinating look into the life and times of George Herman &ldquo;Babe&rdquo; Ruth. they include several of his income tax returns, income notes from his banner 1927 year showing great detail of his earnings, a telegram from a racist police chief, and a great letter Ruth sent to the IRS regarding a deduction he made for his wife acting as his secretary.&nbsp;</span></p>

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