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Russian MIR Space Station Control Panel (38x16x14")

Russian MIR Space Station Control Panel (38x16x14")

The MIR’s demise brought about this sensational piece of man’s exploits in space. Due to technical and structural problems, the Russian space center, which had been orbiting Earth for 15 years since it was launched in 1986, had to be brought down into the atmosphere. Offered is one of the surviving pieces of the Russian MIR legacy. This console was part of a control panel within the Russian space station on Earth, all original and complete with miniature globe navigation device within a glass window. Most enticing is 4 red buttons at center, its red painted covers “flip up” to allow access. A fascinating piece of the Communist regime’s exploits, and a significant testimony of the history of 20th century mankind. All labels and indicators are printed in Russian with codes in numbers and letters printed on each. All original parts including the nuts, stamped with Russian codes and engravings. All loose plugs & wires sticking out the back are sheathed and intact. Console is marked, “u.b. 03/02” in upper left and “N 126” underneath in red marker. A section of one of the most important crowning achievements of the Soviet Union.

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