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Two Mickey Cochrane Airline Awards

Two Mickey Cochrane Airline Awards

Though Mickey Cochrane was more well-known for his feats on the ground as a tough catcher and skilled hitter. However, the Hall of Famer also made a name for himself in the air as an ambassador of air travel back in the early days of commercial flight, as these two awards illustrate. One is from United Airlines and looks to be from the 1940s or early 1950s. The wood-based plaque measures 6.5" x 8.5" and reads: "MEMBER OF UNITED AIR LINES' 1000,000 MILE CLUB" and "GORDON S. COCHRANE IN APPRECIATION OF YOUR VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO AIR TRANSPORT PROGRESS" above a signature of the airline's president. The framed certificate is from Transcontinental and Western Air and is dated 1940. It is titled "STRATOLINER CLUB" and singles out Cochrane as a "distinguished air traveler" and for "having traveled in the first commercial transport designed to fly at altitudes of approximately three and one-half miles." It measures about 9.5" x 13". Both are in EX condition.

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