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Willard Mullin Original  Cover Artwork for 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers Yearbook (17x22")

Willard Mullin Original Cover Artwork for 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers Yearbook (17x22")

A one of a kind treasure, sure to be the defining piece to any Willard Mullin or Brooklyn Dodgers art collection. This is the original artwork for the 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers yearbook, drawn and painted by Willard Mullin. A particularly important year for the Dodgers' yearbooks, as the cartoon speaks to one of the most devestating events in the history of New York - the exit of Boys of Summer from Ebbets Field in Brooklyn (1957). A widely unpopular move, for obvious reasons, especially to the loyal Brooklyn fans, the blame is usually placed solely on Walter O'Malley for orchestrating the move and betraying Dodger fans. Although it is true that O'Malley carefully managed the Dodgers for profit, the real blame should be placed on Robert Moses, who used his political influence to stop the Dodgers from playing in Brooklyn. Although it was his goal to move people out of Manhatten (a sort of "disintegration" of the city), Moses is credited with essentially shaping the face of 20th century New York and the 5 buroughs. He built parks, bridges, and highway systems to connect Long Island to Manhattan and, in effect, ran the city for over 30 years. It was his aim to move people out of Brooklyn, fancying the dis- integration of the inner city. Herein lies the irony of this important piece. The cover art depicts the Brooklyn Bum envisioning the new Dodgers' stadium, which was originally lobbied for construction in downtown Brooklyn. The caption above his head reads, "A New Home!" to represent the Bums' enthusiasm for a move to a new stadium which could accommodate many more seats than the inadequate Ebbets Field Stadium. This artwork which was featured on the 1954 Dodgers yearbook cover represents a vision which was never to be fulfilled, for in 1957, in a largely profitable exchange, O'Malley announced that the Dodgers were moving to the baseball starved West coast along with the New York Giants. A heart-breaking event for all New Yorkers, especially Brooklyn fans. Artwork is in Excellent condition with a nice, even tan tone throughout. This opportunity may never come up again. Lock it up and throw away the key!

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