Colonel Sanders' famous suit is up for sale

Fans of KFC's Colonel Sanders now have the chance to wear a suit worn by the pop culture icon. 

Up for grabs on, the set comes with a white cotton suit jacket, collared shirt and pants, all owned by the fried chicken fanatic. The 1967 suit also comes with a black bow tie, which the Colonel did not wear, but looks nice on display.

Starting bid is $1,000, but so far the bid has surpassed $2,000 as of Tuesday morning. Bidding closes Aug. 17. Leland's declined to say who is selling the suit. 

Colonel Sanders, born Harland Sanders, held a variety of jobs from army mule tender to locomotive fireman before introducing his famous fried chicken made in a pressure cooker. 

The Colonel's suits have sold for tens of thousands of dollars in the past. In 2013, a suit sold for more than $21,000 at a Dallas auction. The last suit sold at Leland's was purchased for around $5,000 in 2014, according to staff. 

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